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It was only just turned 12.15. I could never explain how it was I made the mistake. The error gave me such a shock for a few minutes as if something had happened, and I had to make an effort to shake off the sensation. I finished my dinner, and returned to business at 12.30. On entering the shop I was accosted by Mrs. Owen, my employer's wife, who used to assist in the business.

Fear of personal danger was not one of the king's weaknesses. The hatchets beat down the outer door, and, as it fell, he came forth from the room behind, and with unruffled countenance accosted the ruffians who were pouring through it. His sister, the Princess Elizabeth, was at his side.

He left her without so much as a touch of the hand, because she had wished it. And yet she loved him! Incredible fact! Incredible conjury which made him doubt that his feet touched the snow of Brampton Street, which blotted, as with a golden glow, the faces and the houses of Brampton from his sight. He saw no one, though many might have accosted him.

I need not tell you that it was I whom you passed and accosted. I saw you ride by me; but the moment you were gone I forgot the occurrence.

But the more you listen to these relations, the more familiar do they become, until finally they practically simmer down to two stock legends, which we have all heard related in some form. First, and most famous, is the story of a vigorous, healthy man accosted by a series of doctors at successive corners of the street down which he is walking, with the greeting: "Why, my dear Mr.

At the crossing of Davies and Grosvenor Streets, however, I supposed myself safe, and halted for a moment. From the shadow of a porch at my elbow a thin voice accosted me. "Kind gentleman " "Heh?" I spun round on her sharply: for it was a woman, stretching out one skinny hand and gathering her rags together with the other. "Kind gentleman, spare a copper. I've known better days I have indeed."

I was standing apart, gazing at the shipping, when an old, weather-beaten sailor, smoking a black pipe, came up and accosted me. "Lost your bearings, matey?" he said in a very hoarse voice, which yet had a tone of friendliness. No doubt I looked foolish, for I knew no more than the dead what he meant. "Lor' bless you," he went on, "I knows all about it.

What Jack might have replied Frank never learned, for at that moment another German officer accosted them. He was the man who was so strangely familiar to Jack and Frank. "You will be ready to accompany me the moment we dock, sirs," he said. "All right," Frank agreed. "We'll be ready." They descended to their cabin where they donned the clothing they had worn when picked up from the sea.

You remember little Lena," she added to the brothers. "She stole a march on us, I find. I heard of your encounter on Friday. It was too bad of you not to come in and let us send you home; I hope you did not get very wet, Lady Rosamond. Ah! Mr. Strangeways, I did not know you were there," she proceeded, as the youngest of the officers accosted her; "come over and see us.

On returning, he found Cesarini devouring the food before him with all the voracity of famine. It was a dreadful sight! the intellect ruined, the mind darkened, the wild, fierce animal alone left! When Cesarini had appeased his hunger, he drew near to Maltravers, and thus accosted him, "I must lead you back to the past.