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And, of course, that made me feel better still, for my suit isn't terribly gay, you know, having been selected when I was expecting to spend the whole winter in the country." "Was Elinor wearing her gray furs?" asked Rosamond with critical interest. Patricia nodded. "And her amethyst velvet," she said, with appreciation of her friend's fondness for such matters.

John went into the library and read the first few pages of Machiavelli's "History of Florence," about a king of the Zepidi and his daughter, Rosamond, and he slept, and as he slept he dreamed. It seemed to him that his Rosamond, perhaps ten year older, came into the room.

'What is the matter with my sweet one? cried Dorothy, as I bore in Miss Rosamond, who was sobbing as if her heart would break. 'She won't let me open the door for my little girl to come in; and she'll die if she is out on the Fells all night.

From a conversation with Sir Thomas a few weeks ago, he gave us every assurance of an alliance of the families. Gerald is living on the consummation of his hopes being realized, while I would fain remind him of the line 'Hope deferred maketh the heart sick." "Mamma, dear, you always seem to prefer the dark side," returned Maude. "Let us change the subject, as it is surely unjust to Rosamond."

She stood beside her mother motionless, and with her eyes fixed on the ground. Rosamond moved a chair towards her. "Sit down, my dear love," said her mother, tenderly taking Caroline's hand "sit down and compose yourself." "My dear mother, you required one, and but one promise from me I gave it you, firmly intending to keep it; and yet I fear that you will think I have broken it.

"You're all right, Patty; keep on just as you are; be careful of this down grade, and you can easily take the next hill." "Good for you, Rosamond," said Patty, with a really natural laugh; "you're a brick! My nerves ARE strained, but I won't think of that, I'll think only of my car. Oh Rosamond, if only the road isn't bad in any place!" "It isn't, Patty, the road is perfect.

During the time which had elapsed since Ben Van Vechten first made the acquaintance of Rosamond, he had not once been to Riverside, for, failing to enter college, and overwhelmed with mortification at his failure, he had returned to Alabama, from which place he wrote to her occasionally, always addressing her as a little girl, and speaking of himself as a very ancient personage in comparison with herself.

I was riding an elephant called Rosamond, which was certainly an improvement upon my former mount. Hardly had the line entered the patch of grass when, with a short angry roar, a leopard sprang forward, and passed me at full speed within 25 yards; and immediately turned a somersault like a rabbit, with a charge of 16 S.S.G. from the No. 12 fired into its shoulder.

That strange woman could be a demon or an angel, and as the latter character suited her just now, Rosamond, on her return to her room, found her all gentleness and love. That night, when all around the house was still, the full moon shone down upon a scene which would have chilled the blood of Ralph Browning and made his heart stand still.

Black beings flitted about like ants round a disturbed nest; Rosamond hoped she detected some scarlet among them, and Cecil lamented over not having brought her opera-glass. Even without this, it was possible to make out two long lines of men between the fire and the river, and at times they fancied they heard the shouting, but the wind generally carried it away.

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