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It will be a novelty, and you will see more friends there than in any other place." "A good thought, old boy," said Browning, "and we shall have time only to dress." A few minutes later they emerged from the hotel, and proceeded to the old church that Browning had attended during all his childhood. Queerly enough, the sermon was on the return of the Prodigal Son.

This is true, first, of all highly intellectual poetry, where the emotions are embodied in complex and abstract ideas. One could not, for example, readily set Browning to music. Music may be deep, mystic, even metaphysical in its meaning, but it cannot be dialectical.

Whatever we hold about the insight and imagination of Browning, no one can doubt that he often chose to be uncouth, crabbed, grotesque, and even clownish, when the humour was on him. There are high precedents for genius choosing its own instrument and making its own music.

'I thought you said he admired her daughter, put in Miss Browning to her irritated friend. 'Well! perhaps I did, and perhaps it was so; I am sure I can't tell; he was a great deal at the house. Miss Dixon keeps a school in the same house now, and I am sure she does it a great deal better. 'The earl and the countess are very fond of Mrs. Gibson, said Miss Browning.

It is notorious that men by themselves at lunch or dinner usually shun grave topics and indulge in persiflage, and even descend to talk about wine and the made dishes. The women's lunch of this summer takes higher ground. It will give Mr. Browning his final estimate; it will settle Mr.

And yet, if Browning invented a harsh speech of his own far common use, he uttered it in all the varied rhythms of genius and passion. There may often be no music in the individual words, but there is always in the poems as a whole a deep undercurrent of music as from some hidden river. His poems have the movement of living things. They are lacking only in smooth and static loveliness.

Browning was a particularly difficult subject in this respect, in that to a casual observer there was much more about his external appearance to suggest a prosperous man of business, than the fiery zeal of the poet. These portraits by Watts will repay the closest study by the student of portraiture.

His mouth and throat were parched. His every nerve clamoured for the accustomed narcotic. But pipe and tobacco-pouch reposed in his breast-pocket untouched. "Ah, Love, but a day, And the world has changed!" Browning. An early return journey had been advocated by all experienced weather prophets of the mushroom colony of Kajiar.

"And though you have quite forgotten it, this is our dance. What can you two have been talking about? But why ask? There is only one theme upon which you could become so terrifically serious." "And what is that, pray? Browning?" inquired Miss Brodie sweetly. "Dear Miss Brodie, if you only would, but ugh!

They have something growing those who are finishing wasting any little thing and if that which is growing is showing it is a completing thing, a strangely completing thing. If one has a thing that on the front of him is browning and he is proceeding and meaning is existing, that is if he is the one and any one is proceeding then he is the one and he is proceeding.