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He's not fit to take it in for a few hours don't you think so?" "No, I won't tell him just yet." The young man's wide glance concentrated with a flash on his father's face. "What is it? You speak queerly. You've just come from there. How is he how is my uncle?" There was a letterbox at the corner, a foot from the older man's shoulder.

"I can't deny it. I'd like to, but I can't." "No." Father Adam set down his empty cup, and sat with his arms resting on his parted knees. His hands were clasped. "You remind me of someone," he said, in his simple disarming fashion. "Queerly enough it's a man. A strong, hard, kindly, good-natured man. I found him without a thought but to make good. And I knew he would make good.

"Really, the flat is so wonderful and so cheap that one cannot afford to get out you don't know how grateful I am to you, doctor, for having got diggings here at all Miss Millit isn't keen on single young ladies." She sniffed and laughed. "Why do you laugh?" he asked. "I was thinking how queerly you and I met." The circumstances of their meeting had indeed been curious.

But these damned reform ballot-laws make it hard for us to control the vote. We buy, but we fear that the goods will not be delivered. Feeling is high against us. Even our farmers and shopkeepers are acting queerly. And the other fellows have at last put up a safe man on a conservative platform." Howard turned his face away.

And he ran quickly to the spot where Bobby was acting so queerly. But when he got there Johnnie found nothing. Bobby Bobolink had fooled him. He never knew how near he came to stumbling upon the nest, before Bobby played that trick on him. Mrs. Bobolink was greatly relieved when Johnnie Green left her end of the meadow.

He did not say what the effect would be upon himself; Peter was not accustomed to considering himself except as a provider of comfort for others. Helen May did not notice the omission. "Bought a claim?" she repeated and added grimly: "What with?" "With two hundred dollars cash," Peter replied, smiling queerly. "It's all settled, Babe, and the claim is to stand in your name.

But she had acted queerly ever since Gray was ashamed of the thought that leaped into his mind; he hated himself for harboring it. He hated himself also for the thrill that coursed through him at contact with this disheveled creature. The touch of her flesh disturbed him unbearably.

And it may have been that the lonely man felt cheered by the companionship and the friendliness that proffered it, what time all others held aloof; or that the two were akin in ideas, or both; but henceforward a sort of intimacy struck up between them, and it was noticed that Hazon no longer went about invariably alone. Then people began to look somewhat queerly at Laurence.

Lil Artha frequently looked queerly at the dripping Landy as he used the pole. Sometimes he would chuckle softly to himself, and a swift grin flash athwart his lean countenance as though a humorous thought had struck him; after which the tall scout might be observed to shake his head as if bothered. Landy settled down to taking things easy.

"Shut up, boy," I cried, "and get off and see what ails the man. He can't hurt you." But Sam sat in his saddle clutching at his horse's neck, his face spotted with terror as I had seen it once before. "What is it, Sam?" I asked impatiently. "Good Gawd, Mas' Tom," he cried, his teeth chattering together and cutting off his words queerly, "don' yo' see who 'tis? Don' yo' know him?" "Know him?