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Ess Kay and Sally; but when I admired them, and the sweet blouses they wore, and the way they carried their shoulders and hips, Mrs. Ess Kay sniffed, and said there was nobody in New York, now, nobody at all who was worth looking at, and wouldn't be till October, except those who were just in the city for a day or two of shopping, like us.

You are honoured!" "Didn't ask me, I notice!" sniffed Hannah huffily. "No twin soul here. Recognised an affinity in you, I suppose." "Well, I wasn't asked to play in team matches! Don't grudge me my little score!" returned Darsie, knowing well that an honour in sport was more to her companion than many cocoas. "Besides, you must remember you have Helen Ross!" "Oh, ah, yes! Helen Ross dotes on me.

The dog's memory, too, was equally green concerning his old friends Snuffles and Blinkie, as that of his young master and mistress; for he so sniffed and snuffed Snuffles in his exuberance at seeing her again, that he seriously disarranged her fur, while he allowed the jackdaw to peck at his legs and even his nose, without the slightest attempt at retaliation!

Pretty soon Flop, who was helping Uncle Wiggily with the motorboat, sniffed the air, grunted once or twice, and said: "I smell something good! I guess I'll go see what it is." "All right," said Curly, who was quite tired from having assisted his rabbit uncle to haul up the boat. "I'll stay here, Flop, and when you find the good thing that you smell, bring me some."

In a flash his look had told her all that it would require many fumbling spoken words to repeat one-half so eloquently. The puma had sprung to its feet but stood its ground. The murderous eyes were everywhere at once, on Betty, on Jim, on Zoraida, most of all on Betty; the quivering nostrils widened and sniffed; the tawny throat shook with a series of low growls.

The tears which had not come at thought of leaving the old home now welled up in the blue eyes and in the brown, but they were tears of joy and thanksgiving. "I knew someone would do some bawling before we got through with this," sniffed Peace, searching in vain for the handkerchief which was never to be found in her pocket, and finally wiping her eyes on the august President's coat-sleeve.

"Just taste one, Coonie, it is sweeter than any berry I ever tasted. Yum, yum, but it is fine." "Hum!" sniffed Coonie. "It may suit your taste, but honey is much too sticky for me." "Well, I'm glad you don't want any," Chuck replied. "You always were rather particular, but I am only Chuck anyhow, and as some people call me a hog a ground-hog, you know I might as well live up to my name."

Some, so the brokers were particular to inform us, were celebrated for their "shooting." The villas were not good enough; the estates were altogether too good. We inspected but one and then declined to see more. "Shootin'!" sniffed Hephzy. "I should feel like shootin' myself every time I paid the rent. I'd HAVE to do it the second time.

"I love him very dearly," she said simply "And I know he's a great deal too good for me." Mrs. Twitt sniffed meaningly. "Well, I'm not in any way sure o' that," she observed. "When a man's too good for a woman it's what we may call a Testymen' miracle. For the worst wife as ivir lived is never so bad as a bad 'usband.

I never saw anything like the devotion of these two creatures. Look! if Mr. Falkner hasn't got his arm round Mr. Lee's waist, and Lee, with his own arm over Falkner's neck, is looking up in his eyes. I declare, Kate, it almost seems an indiscretion to look at them." Kate, however, to Mrs. Hale's indignation, threw her pretty head back and sniffed the air contemptuously.

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