"Wouldn't it make you sick th' way furrin labor's a-crowdin' out th' true 'Merican? I jes' despise dagoes." Graves was too disgusted to reply. He recollected having heard a negro speak contemptuously of Jews, but this case seemed yet more extreme. "Wall," pursued the true American, "I wuz with this party a spell when th' state tuk a notion t' sink a few s'perfluous millyuns in this ole ditch."

"I should admire the frankness of that boast, Monsieur, if in our talk just now you had not spoken as contemptuously of what we are accustomed to consider French masterpieces as you have done of Virgil and Tasso." "Ah, Mademoiselle! it is not my fault if you have had teachers of taste so rococo as to bid you find masterpieces in the tiresome stilted tragedies of Corneille and Racine.

He turned, open-eyed, impulsive, intelligent, as he had always been in life. The Rector started. The inward challenge had taken voice. "Certainly I will tell you, if it will help you if you're strong enough." Bateson waved his hand contemptuously. "I feel as strong as onything. That sup o' brandy has put some grit in me. Give me some more. Thank tha ... Does tha believe in God, Rector?"

Hal could not summon indifference, or the appearance of it. He said contemptuously: "Having helped a deserving young man to escape from jail, you'll probably put him on the 'Pollard." Don flushed angrily and turned to the coachman, a brutal looking fellow. "Johnson, chastise the young puppy!" Johnson jumped down and raised his whip. "Give it to them both!" yelled Don.

"You hold a Jew-boy! you hold a mad cat!" answered the policeman, contemptuously and with justice for at that moment Downes appeared on the first-floor landing, cursing and blaspheming. "He's my 'prentice! he's my servant! I've got a bond, with his own hand to it, to serve me for three years. I'll have the law of you I will!" Then the meaning of the big stick came out.

Now, if the things, all the things that are here, are so contemptuously considered, when compared with the things that are to be hereafter, and yet these things so great in the carnal man's esteem, as that he is willing to venture life and soul, and all to have them, what are the things that God has prepared for them that wait, that is, that hope for him?

Pfuel only snorted contemptuously and turned away, to show that he would never demean himself by replying to such nonsense as he was now hearing. So when Prince Volkonski, who was in the chair, called on him to give his opinion, he merely said: "Why ask me?

"Don't be for saying such unchancy things, Mr. Sullivan!" Phelim answered, with a shiver. And he, too, crossed himself. "What was it, at all, at all?" "The door opened without a hand," Uncle Ulick explained. "I'm fearing there's something amiss." "Not with this salmon," James McMurrough struck in contemptuously. "Eat your supper and leave those tales to the women!"

"But, my dear fellow," Morrison protested, "half of eleven hundred is five hundred and fifty. Why should we not go halves? That is only fair, Laverick. It is little enough. We ought to have had a great deal more." Laverick pushed him contemptuously away and locked up the remainder of the notes. "I am letting you take two hundred and fifty pounds of this money," he said, "for various reasons.

"Well, I persume I sh'll have to keep pigs, Mike," he said, in a compromising tone; "but I shan't dress 'em in calliker, nor larn 'em to sing Old Hundred. I sh'll jest let 'em rampage around the woods, an' when I want one on 'em, I'll shoot'im." "Yis, bedad, an' thin ye'll shkin 'im, an' throw the rist of 'im intil the river," responded Mike, contemptuously.