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Indeed, every increase of mass of volume and velocity seemed to bring in new elements, and, at last, a scholar, fresh in arithmetic and ignorant of algebra, fell into a superstitious terror of complexity as the sink of facts. Nothing came out as it should. In principle, according to figures, any one could set up or pull down a society.

"Too big?" he inquired. "Too lonely. It makes my heart sink, too," she added in a low voice, as if confessing a secret. "I'm afraid," said Heyst, "that you would be justified in reproaching me for these sensations. But what would you have?" His tone was playful, but his eyes, directed at her face, were serious. She protested. "I am not feeling lonely with you not a bit.

"Yes; do you not see, as you just now said, that if we endeavor to fly, they will sink us?" "But, perhaps," the patron ventured to say, "perhaps under cover of night, we could escape them." "Oh!" said Aramis, "they have, no doubt, Greek fire with which to lighten their own course and ours likewise."

Charity again lifted her heavy lids and stared at Ally's pale pointed face, which moved to and fro above her moving fingers. "Is she going to get married?" Ally let the blouse sink to her knee, and sat gazing at it. Her lips seemed suddenly dry, and she moistened them a little with her tongue. "Why, I presume so... from what she said.... Didn't you know?" "Why should I know?" Ally did not answer.

Take away the responsible leadership of the Cabinet in the British Parliament, and it would become a sink of corruption like the United States Congress; take away its organization into two national parties, and it would become a rabble like the French Chambers.

"Vilely, monseigneur," answered the other; "a shipwrecked enemy should never be made prisoner, or at least he should be enlarged on parole; but I have been confined like a pirate in a sink of a jail." "Of what country are you?" Raising his eyebrows in amazement the young man answered: "I am an Englishman, monseigneur." "Monsieur is of England, then?" "Monseigneur, I am an English officer."

The top of the mizzen was the first to disappear, then followed the main-top; and soon, of what had been a noble vessel, not a vestige was to be seen. Will this frail float, forty feet by twenty, bear us in safety? Sink it cannot; the material of which it is composed is of a kind that must surmount the waves. But it is questionable whether it will hold together.

But the admirers of this great poet have never less reason to indulge their hopes of supreme excellence, than when he seems fully resolved to sink them in dejection, and mollify them with tender emotions by the fall of greatness, the danger of innocence, or the crosses of love. He is not long soft and pathetick without some idle conceit, or contemptible equivocation.

It may sink a man into such deeps of evil, and lift a man into such heights of good." "I don't know as to the good," said Tom, mournfully, and laying aside his cigar. "Go on smoking: I should like to keep you company; can you spare me one of your cigars?" Tom offered his case.

Perhaps it would be well to mention merely the gasoline stove, the refrigerator, the pump and sink, the wall-table, the cupboards for supplies, the closet for the man's serving coats and aprons, the racks of blue willow ware dishes, and the big sliding door. One has to mention the big sliding door; for it made such a difference.