He has declared on his honour to me when the matter was talked about, and he was coming on for election at Bays's, and was as nearly as any man I ever knew in my life, he declared on his word that he only parted from poor Mrs. He offered to send his children to school in Yorkshire rather a cheap school but she would not part with them.

Frazer, in his "Golden Bough," has mentioned numerous instances of firstfruits being offered to the spirits of deceased ancestors by the tribes inhabiting the Malay Archipelago. Worship of Natural Forces and of Deities.

It had a rather amusing hitch about its acceptance. The editor of the paper to which it was offered liked it extremely for its vigourous treatment, but begged her to use a masculine name, or simply initials, because it didn't sound like a young girl's story. She told this over with great gusto, and showed her check for twenty dollars. But Mr.

I could not ascertain whether the hog and goat were actually offered up with any ceremony, or simply left to be devoured by the priests. "Have you ever seen anything like this before?" asked Newman, as we were on our way back to the ship. "Yes, I think I have," I answered. "So have I," he remarked, "in a Roman Catholic church. The priests of Rome ancient and modern and these bonzes are much alike.

Taking advantage of the provision in the draft law allowing draftees to send substitutes, some slave owners offered their slaves as substitutes. This was as far as the enlistment of slaves went. James Madison proposed in 1780 that the state purchase slaves, free them, and make them soldiers. The legislature rejected the plan.

It was a farmer near your home " "Mr. Mertzheimer?" offered Martin. "The same! He asked to have you watched, then changed it and insisted on having the books examined. Said your people are poor forgive me, Landis, but I have to tell you the whole story." "Don't mind that. That's a mere scratch after what I got this morning."

Mr. Blackburne observed further to me, some certain notice that he had of the present plot so much talked of; that he was told by Mr. Rushworth, how one Captain Oates, a great discoverer, did employ several to bring and seduce others into a plot, and that one of his agents met with one that would not listen to him, nor conceal what he had offered him, but so detected the trapan.

The Netherlands, like other countries, are districted and farmed for the collection of this papal revenue. Much of the money thus raised, remains in the hands of the vile collectors. Sincere Catholics, who love and honor the ancient religion, shrink with horror at the spectacle offered on every side.

I remembered at that moment a correspondence I had had years before with Virchow, on the Pelasgi, and their probable relation with the Albanians, whom he regarded as the descendants of the Pelasgi; and, thinking of his collection of skulls, I asked the captain if he knew the spot where the body of the Albanian lay, and if the bones were still there, and when he assured me that they were where he fell, I offered him two florins to bring me the skull, which he did.

Ford looked paler and paler, and while Louis said he would go and inquire for him at Miss Ponsonby's, offered to go down to the Consul's to see if he had arrived there in the meantime.