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Even this solemn silence is small respite to the editor, for the next uncomfortable thing to having people look over his shoulders, perhaps, is to have them sit by in silence and listen to the scratching of his pen.

When the poet called again to see about it, with hopes of a beefsteak dinner in his heart, it was handed back to him with the comment: "Too artificial." Several of us met over spaghetti and Dutchess County chianti, and swallowed indignation with slippery forkfuls. And there we dug a pit for the editor.

"That managing editor of mine knows his business," he said to himself. Harley slept late the next day, and it was the heavy, somewhat nervous slumber of utter exhaustion, like that which he had more than once experienced in the war on the other side of the world, after days of incessant marching.

The great-great-great-grandfather was a mighty man of his hands, marched with the clan in the 'Forty-five, and returned with spolia opima in the shape of a sword, which he had wrested from an officer in the retreat, and which is in the possession of my correspondent to this day. This George became the publisher and editor of the Wesleyan Times.

But thanks to you by putting me on to the 'Day Dawn' Reef at Chinkie's Flat I've made a thousand or two and can chuck it at any time." "Don't say 'chuck. It's vulgar; and the editor of the 'leading journal in North Queensland' must not be vulgar," and he smiled. "Ah, Grainger my boy, you have been a good friend to me!" "It's the other way about, Mallard.

Markham, and apparently made no effort to hide his admiration, while his sister was seeking without avail to draw him away. Prescott stood aside for a few moments to watch and then Raymond put his hand on his shoulder. "You see in Mrs. Markham a very remarkable woman the married belle," said the editor.

One of these leaders was Joseph Willcocks, for some time sheriff of the Home district one of the four judicial divisions of the province and also the proprietor and editor of the Upper Canada Guardian, the second paper printed in Upper Canada the first having been the Upper Canada Gazette, or the American Oracle, which appeared at Newark on the 18th April, 1793.

This piece of summer nonsense is not referred to by any writer who has concerned himself about Irving's life, but there is reason to believe that he was a contributor to it if not the editor. In these yellow pages is a melancholy reflection of the gayety and gallantry of the Sans Souci hotel seventy years ago.

"Moreover, I'm the working editor of all that rubbish," he added, pointing to the newspaper itself. "And I, who went to Egypt, I'm obliged to stamp it," said the one-armed man. "Hold your tongue, Coloquinte," said Giroudeau. "You are in presence of a hero who carried the Emperor's orders at the battle of Montereau." Coloquinte saluted. "That's were I lost my missing arm!" he said.

Mallon. "Very well done, too, it is. Who is 'Ruth Ashmore'? "You are," answered Edward Bok. And while it took considerable persuasion, from that time on Mrs. Mallon became Ruth Ashmore, the most ridiculed writer in the magazine world, and yet the most helpful editor that ever conducted a department in periodical literature.