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A few journalists who witnessed it gave the accounts which were circulated everywhere by the Press. The earliest of these was published by The Herald. The most complete and graphic was that of Mr. Reid, of The Cincinnati Gazette. Officers, soldiers, civilians, all with greater or less experience, wrote what they had heard and seen.

But for your stupidity and sottishness you might have known, by attending to the public gazette, that you had your full quantity of ten thousand acres of land allowed you; that is, nine thousand and seventy-three acres in the great tract, and the remainder in the small tract.

I'll be as good as new in the morning." "I hope so. In that event we had better get a little sleep." "Then you don't think it necessary for one of us to stand watch?" "No; here goes for bed." In some manner, known only to himself, Anthony Stubbs, war correspondent of the New York Gazette, had ingratiated himself with General Petain, the French commander at Verdun.

Jefferson acknowledged that he favored the establishment of Freneau's newspaper for reasons already alluded to, because he thought juster views of European affairs might be obtained through publications from the Leyden Gazette than any other foreign source. "On the establishment of his paper," said Mr.

The English Admiral gave the flag of truce some presents in exchange for some we sent, and likewise a copy of the French Gazette of Frankfort, dated 10th of June 1799. For ten months we had received no news from France. Bonaparte glanced over this journal with an eagerness which may easily be conceived. Jean d'Acre were totally ignorant of all that had taken place in Europe far several months.

It was published in the Jamaica Gazette; and it had even happened since the question of the abolition had been started. The only argument used against such cruelties, was the master's interest in the slave; but he urged the common cruelty to horses, in which their drivers had an equal interest with the drivers of men in the colonies, as a proof that this was no security.

After the truce of Ratisbon, declarations and decrees hostile to Protestantism succeeded each other with frightful rapidity; nothing else was seen in the official gazette. A beautiful and touching request, written by Pastor Claude, was in vain presented to the King in January, 1685.

The Orleans Gazette declared that the time to repel Spanish aggression had come. The enemy must be driven beyond the Sabine. "The route from Natchitoches to Mexico is clear, plain, and open." The occasion was at hand "for conferring on our oppressed Spanish brethren in Mexico those inestimable blessings of freedom which we ourselves enjoy." "Gallant Louisianians!

"There's your Cincinnati Gazette," he said, handing the paper to the Deacon, "and there's a letter for Si." "Open it and read it, Maria," said Si, to whom reading of letters meant labor, and he was yet too weak for work.

The prodigious mystery in all their proceedings gave them the appearance of the heads of a party, and I never had the least doubt of their being the authors of the 'Gazette Ecclesiastique'. The one, tall, smooth-tongued, and sharping, was named Ferrand; the other, short, squat, a sneerer, and punctilious, was a M. Minard. They called each other cousin.

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