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John was Jesus' Durand, His von Stuckenburg, His Whitelaw Reid. And no diplomat ever used more tactful language than this John when questioned about his Master. In Jesus' own simile, John was His best man. Jesus was a bridegroom. John stood by His side as His most intimate friend. Jesus and John are constantly interwoven in the events of Jesus' career.

Taking these qualities for granted, let us consider how the ultimate problems presented themselves to the school thus distinguished. I have already observed that the Scottish philosophy, taught by Reid and Dugald Stewart, represented the only approach to a living philosophical system in these islands at the beginning of the century. It held this position for a long period.

Reid jerked his thin mouth in expression of derision. "She's green, she's as soft as cheese. Any man could kiss her I could have done it fifteen minutes after I saw her the first time." If Reid hoped to provoke a quarrel leading up to an excuse for making use of the gun for which his hand seemed to itch, he fell short of his calculations.

On wall A are two fine figure studies by Robert Reid, an innovator and a really great painter, though he did not show it when he painted the panels for the Fine Arts rotunda. Gallery 46. There is much poor material here; but on walls B and C are some paintings by Frank Vincent Dumond that are interesting for their fresh coloring and their solving of light problems.

This was a sort of reception they had not counted upon, and the boats turned about and hastily rowed back to the flagship. "We have got to fight," said Captain Reid to his men; "they will attack us again to-night, and things will be lively."

Reid, Kant, and the Germans have indeed tried to show that there are feelings not derived from the sensations, but this, as Hartley and Condillac have shown, is a mistake. This is his first principle in a nutshell, and must give a clue to the various applications. The next step is familiar. Hume had distinguished impressions and ideas.

He died at the age of thirty-seven, in the twenty-first year of our era, after being for twelve years the leader and champion of Germany. By J. S. REID, Litt.D. The Roman Empire reached its greatest extent under Marcus Ulpius Traianus, the fourteenth emperor.

Reid, conversely, passes over the first rapidly and 'dwells on the second with a tone of confidence. Brown accepts both statements.

Reid, of Sydney, only wants more parliamentary and administrative experience, and the more thorough understanding of the proportions of affairs which a couple of years' residence in England would give, to become the nearest approach to a statesman which Australia has ever seen. In South Australia, Mr. Dixon shows a great deal of promise. In Melbourne, Mr.

But the chain somehow snapped between them, and the issue has been that nobody now cares about either any more than about Hartley's, Darwin's, or Priestley's contemporaneous doings in England. The judgment goes to the root of the matter. The method of Reid inevitably led to this result.

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