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There is no social phenomenon which is not more or less influenced by every other part of the condition of the same society, and therefore by every cause which is influencing any other of the contemporaneous social phenomena.

She smiled at him with a friendly good-will; she acknowledged him as a human being, and she hoped to propitiate him into the concession that she herself was nothing less. The man took her card, which was fortunately as correct as the most discreet and contemporaneous stationer could fashion.

After visiting the spot in 1846, I described the geological position of the bones, and discussed their probable age, with a stronger bias, I must confess, as to the antecedent improbability of the contemporaneous entombment of Man and the mastodon than any geologist would now be justified in entertaining. Modern alluvium of the Mississippi. 2. Loam or loess. 3, f. Eocene. 4.

We quote his story both as a contemporaneous version of the event, and as containing some particulars that explain the causes that led to it.

Meantime that brother, just before his death, and with the privity of Henry, had been negotiating for a marriage with the younger daughter of Philip II. an arrangement somewhat incompatible with his contemporaneous scheme to assume the sovereignty of Philip's revolted Provinces.

"Have you any tangible reason, to offer in support of this theory?" "No, my father. But the idea came to me, and so I mention it. It seemed as if this desire came to him upon reflection, after the ship was out of danger, and the indifference was contemporaneous with it." The Provincial suddenly closed the book and laid aside his pen.

The exact time when this movement was begun cannot now be ascertained. The motives which prompted it can be inferred by recalling contemporaneous political events. A great controversy divided public opinion, whether slavery might be extended or should be restricted. The Missouri Compromise had been repealed to make such an extension possible.

It would be as much out of place to blame the weights of a clock for the moving of the hands, while, acted upon by an unseen, but constant force, they descend slowly but steadily towards the earth. That this is true, is attested by the widely-spread discussion and the contemporaneous attempts at reform in widely-separated countries.

They were revelations sometimes more intelligible, in one instance inexpressibly more luminous, yet invariably reminiscent of an anterior light. The light of contemporaneous Buddhism is that of Catholicism heaven deducted, a heaven, that is, of ceaseless Magnificats. The latter conception is Christian. But it was Persian first.

We do not see the author on every page, we are not forced to stop and listen to his reflections, nor to long digressions into history, too commonly the fault in contemporaneous biography of political men. The writer kindly remembers that the reader's ignorance or knowledge does not rest upon his conscience.

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