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Miss Travers has been here a week, and can tell you I am truthful about it." "Indeed, yes," I said. "But I must know how you got here!" she commanded. Just then, fortunately, Malcolm, who had been hovering near, came up and joined us, and would talk too; but if he had been a table or a chair he could not have mattered less to Lord Robert. He is quite wonderful.

Our breakfast and tea consisted of a straw-coloured decoction known on board-ship as "water bewitched," accompanied by such modicums of our dinner allowance as we were able to save conscientiously with our appetites. This amounted to very little as a rule, for, being at sea makes one fearfully hungry at all hours, and, fortunately, seems to endow one, also, with the capacity for eating anything!

There was quite enough to daunt him in the prospect of a life spent among the narrow-minded. Sinners who feel waves of repentance may be better house-mates than those who have worldly credit enough to make them self-satisfied. Fortunately all houses of religion were not alike, any more than colleges are alike to-day.

President Pierce, backed by the Senate with its steady pro-slavery majority, was resolved at all hazards to recognize the pro-slavery authorities of Kansas and no other, and, as it seemed, to force it to become a slave State; but fortunately the House had an anti-slavery majority which prevented this.

"Father," said Adrian when the massive door had closed behind her and they were left alone "father for I suppose that I must call you so." "There is not the slightest necessity," broke in Ramiro; "facts, my dear son, need not always be paraded in the cold light of day fortunately. But, proceed." "What does all this mean?" "I wish I could tell you.

Upon the end of this he placed a loop, and then, descending to the lowest limb, he devoted himself to the task of drooping it over the end of his gun. It fortunately had fallen in such a manner that the muzzle was somewhat elevated, so that here was a good opportunity for the exercise of his skill and patience.

She regarded the two women scornfully; she did not even trouble herself about the fire in the fireplace, which fortunately went out of itself, while Martine extinguished with the shovel the burning soot and the last flames of the smoldering ashes.

Fortunately, after experiencing some difficulty in crossing the mouth of the Cumberland, which was belching forth a volume of yellow water that carried the shanty-boat out some distance, despite their efforts, they finally managed to find a place to stay for the night.

We could not afford to let the carcajou make a meal of him, as in our log-hauling and other labours he was of great service to us. "As soon as the stable was finished, we set to work and put up a table and six strong chairs. As I have said, we had no nails; but, fortunately enough, I had both a chisel and auger, with several other useful tools.

Truly that was an exciting week's journey, I can promise you, dodging up and down canals, expecting every moment to run round a corner into a rebel camp yet fortunately never doing it in fact, doing nothing at all more exciting than listening to the cries of startled pheasants. Gordon greeted the I.G. very cordially and held a parade in his honour, just by way of celebrating his arrival.

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