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For some time past they had heard wild eccentric cries, and their three pistols were cocked. As they rode through a grove of trees beyond the chaparral, they saw a dark something rolling toward them. In an instant Hill had snatched the boys from the horse and swung them to the limb of a tree. "Hide yourselves among the leaves," he said, "and don't even breathe mor' 'n you kin help."

Not many months after his entrance into the public school, he was violently thrown to the ground during recess, by an older boy, and his limb so much injured by the fall, that a long and dangerous illness was the consequence. Mrs.

Lameness in a hind limb is characterized by more or less dropping of the quarter of the well limb when weight is thrown on it, and sometimes by a "hitch" or elevation of the quarter of the diseased limb when it is carried forward. Unless there are local symptoms of disease present, it may be quite difficult to locate the seat of lameness. Sometimes local symptoms are misleading.

It is enacted in Georgia, "If any slave shall presume to strike any white man, such slave, upon trial and conviction before the justice, shall for the first offence, suffer such punishment as the said justice thinks fit, not extending to life or limb; and for the second offence, death." It is the same in South Carolina, excepting that death is there the punishment of the third offence.

"That child is always under foot," said Eliza, as she stumbled over him while tugging along a scrawny limb. "You ought to go into the house," said Tom; "I'm afraid you'll get hurt."

I feel as though it will suffocate me. Horror! horror! oh! merciful God! arouse me from this terrible dream! Such were my thoughts such my feelings at that moment. I had a perfect consciousness of all that was passing so perfect that I believed it a dream. I made every effort to awake myself to move hand and limb. It was all in vain. I could not move a muscle. Every nerve of my body was asleep.

"There's your snake only a tree branch!" laughed Nan, as she lifted the dead limb and held it up. "Ho! Ho!" laughed Freddie. "Was that it for sure?" asked Flossie. "Of course!" answered Nan. "Come sit down and finish your sandwich. Then we'll play until it's time to eat our regular lunch."

So quickly was the action done, that no sound was uttered, and Joçint continued his way untroubled by his old and faithful friend, whom he left hanging to the limb of a tree. He was following the same path that he traversed daily to and from the mill, and which soon brought him out into the level with its soft tufted grass and clumps of squat thorn trees.

During the entire of that day, the pain of my wounded limb had been excruciating; the fatigue of the road and the heat had brought back violent inflammation, and when at last the little village came in sight, my reason was fast yielding to the torturing agonies of my wound.

Howbeit so doleful a fellow was by no means pleasing in my brother's eyes, and so he right plainly gave him to understand; then the Bohemian called to mind their former friendship, and entreated him to put himself in his place and not to forget that he, as a man sound of limb, would have avenged the scorn put on him by Rochow in fair fight instead of with a dagger-thrust.