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Don't you know Frisky?" and Freddie looked very much surprised that two grown-up people had never met the cow that had given him so much trouble. "Why didn't you bring him along?" the men asked further. "Have you got a cow car?" Freddie asked in turn. "Yes, we have. Would you like to see one?" went on one of the railroaders.

"If you did come here on an auto it's gone now, and there isn't a sign of it. I think you must have come two or three streets away from the car before you turned in here." "Oh, no!" exclaimed Freddie. "When we got down off the auto we saw the cat and we came in after it. The auto was right out in front." "Well, it isn't there now," said the cook.

She dropped into the Alden kitchen frequently of an evening to glean a melancholy satisfaction from the morbid details of Uncle Peter's lingering betwixt life and death. Whenever which was frequent there was an upheaval in the Alden's domestic arrangements, Janet filled in the gaps, spoke her mind freely to Mrs. Freddie, secure in the knowledge that Mrs.

"I want you to have all the fun you can, and play with Tommy whenever you can, and I want you to be kind and to help people. I also wish, as much as you, that we could find Tommy's father, if he is still alive. But you must not run off to sea without telling us." Sometimes Freddie, and Flossie too, used to get queer ideas about what they wanted to do, and once or twice they had run away together.

Then sounded a loud bark "Bow-wow!" "Oh, it's a dog!" exclaimed Flossie aloud, before she thought. "That sounds like our Snap!" said Freddie, almost at the same time. "Children, you must be quiet!" called the teacher. Just then the door between the two rooms was pushed open, and in walked Snap, wagging his tail.

Hardee, but it was clearly to be seen that he did not want to. He went into the barn, and came out wearing a pair of rubber boots, and carrying a pair of pincers the "wire-cutting things," as Freddie called them. Wading out into the creek Mr. Hardee snipped the wires of the fence. "There, now you can go on," he said to Mr. Bobbsey, but his tone was not pleasant.

And Chirpy Cricket saw no reason why he and his friends should not enjoy one too, right there in the shadow of Blue Mountain. "What they can do in the village, we can do here!" he exclaimed. And though it was still broad daylight being not later than the middle of the afternoon Chirpy set out at once to find Freddie Firefly, because he simply had to get Freddie to help him.

But I am glad to say that all of the Bobbsey twins were promoted, and Freddie and Flossie came home very proud to tell that when they went back again, after the Thanksgiving holidays, they would be in the primer reading book. And such preparations as went on for Thanksgiving! Dinah was busy from morning until night, and when the little twins made inquiries about the turkey they were to have. Mr.

But as such things always happen, the searchers went to the end of the woods, far away from the island. Of course they all called loudly, and the boys gave the familiar yodel, but the noise of the ocean made it impossible for the call to reach Freddie and Flossie. "Oh, I'm so afraid they are drowned!" exclaimed Mrs. Bobbsey, breaking down and crying.

It was you who got lost, mamma you and Nan and Flossie and Bert " "Well, we called you lost," laughed Uncle Daniel. "But you're all right now, thanks to this boy. Do you live around here?" he asked. "I don't seem to remember you, though I know most of the folks in this section. But if you have seen Freddie before you must live around here." "Oh, no, sir," was the answer. "I'm with the circus.