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"But who is to milk the cow?" said John, pretending to look grave; "Betty must stay to milk the cow at five o'clock." "No, John!" said the children, all gathering round him; "good John, will you be so kind as to milk the cow, and let Betty go?" "Well, I will see about it," said John, putting the cork into the cream bottle. "There's a good John!" said Emily. "I love you, John!" said Henry.

In most cases the parturition will be natural and easy, and the less the cow is disturbed or meddled with, the better. She will do better without help than with it; but she should be watched, in order to see that no difficulty occurs which may require aid and attention. In cases of difficult parturition the aid of a skillful veterinary surgeon may be required. Feeding and Management

I am a countryman, indeed quite a yokel in many ways, and I shall certainly gallop when it comes to it." "Which brings us back to the horses, Bev. I 've been thinking we ought to get 'em away into the country some quiet place like say, the the 'Spotted Cow, Bev." "Yes, the 'Spotted Cow' should do very well; especially as Clemency "

It was only a little while until we were really proud to have her in the landscape, and the picture she made grazing against the green or standing in the apple shade was really gratifying. When the trees were pink and white with bloom and Mis' Cow rested under them, chewing in time to her long reflections, we often called one another out to admire the pastoral scene.

The Desperado of the Plains Lawlessness Founded on Loose Methods The Rustlers of the Cow Country Excuses for Their Acts The Approach of the Commercial West. One pronounced feature of early Western life will have been remarked in the story of the mountain settlements with which we have been concerned, and that is the transient and migratory character of the population.

"One day," said Murty, "this Parson Boorman dined where I worked for two years, and, to convert me from the error of my ways for observing abstinence on Friday, commenced saying, 'Don't you see, Murty, how foolish and unreasonable you act? You eat butter and use milk that come from the cow, and you refuse to eat her flesh.

"I've got the law back of me," was what he said; and what he said was true. Around the old cow camps of the trails, and around the young settlements which did not aspire to be called cow camps, the homesteaders fenced in land so much land that there came to be no place near any of the shipping-points where a big herd from the South could be held.

I vow, did I not know you well, I might be ready to think you had no more wit in your head than he has in both his shoulders. Come, come, scatter no words, returned Panurge; everyone as they like, as the woman said when she kissed her cow. I wish I might carry him to Gargantua; when I'm married he might be my wife's fool. And make you one, cried Epistemon. Well said, quoth Friar John.

"Because he is as cowardly as a cow, he will get us guillotined, as father was." "Since you call me a spy," cried Francois, exasperated, "I shall tell everything to Martial. I have not told him yet, for I have not seen him since; but when he returns to-night, I " The child dared not finish, for his mother advanced toward him, calm but inexorable.

We all know the story of the South Sea islanders, who said, "What a big pig!" when they first saw a horse; one little London savage quite equalled this by remarking, "What a little cow!" when she saw a tiny Maltese terrier brought by a lady missionary. The child had some vague conception regarding a cow; but, like others of her class, her notions of size, form, and colour, were quite cloudy.