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Besides, I never had any talent for writing of any kind. Some time I may become publisher of a village paper like this; but farther than that I don't aspire." "We are to be partners in that, you know, Ferguson." "That may be, for a time; but you will rise higher than that, Harry." "I am afraid you overrate me."

Your discovery may be a coincidence, nothing more. But I HAVE been influenced, sir, influenced by one of the most perfect goddess-like yes, sir; one of the most simple girlish creatures that God ever sent upon earth. A woman that I should be proud to claim as my daughter, a woman that would always be the superior of any man who dare aspire to be her husband!

From the War of the French Revolution to this very day, the African War has been the only one in which our forces have met with the slightest success. Nevertheless, our soldiers aspire to a position of dominance in the country equal to that attained by the French soldiers subsequent to Jena, and by the Germans after Sedan.

"My condition is insupportable!" cried I: "I am distracted with passion! Why are you so exquisitely fair? why are you so enchantingly good? why has nature dignified you with charms so much above the standard of woman? and, wretch that I am, how dare my unworthiness aspire to the enjoyment of such perfection!"

What has reason to tremble at a demand for its credentials is surely not natural science; it is rather those mystical theologies or romantic philosophies of history which aspire to take its place. Such lucubrations, even if reputed certain, can scarcely be really credited or regarded in practice; while scientific tenets are necessarily respected, even when they are declared to be fictions.

Her son had been born in the East, he had spent his holidays and vacations with his Eastern relatives. He had gone to an Eastern school to prepare for an Eastern college. Except for this one obsession with regard to her son's education his mother was self-centered. She was an idolized wife, a discontented woman she had shown O-liver no heights to which to aspire. And so he had not aspired.

Perhaps the Princess would ask for her, and take her into the number of her own attendants, where she would no longer be in a Romish household, and would certainly be in a higher position. Why, she remembered that very Lady Churchill as Sarah Jennings in no better a position than she could justly aspire to. Her coming to Court would thus be truly justified.

The political economist, however, will pronounce the condition of such a people as I have described a deplorable one, and in order to raise them his first task will be to infuse into them some discontent with their lot, to persuade them to multiply their wants and to aspire to a higher standard of comfort, to a fuller and a larger existence.

And despite all this, we have not been able to get rid of sex jealousy! "We still have the beast within us! No matter how pure our love may be, it is always tainted with rivalry! Always the husband and wife are held down by this mutual envy, forever dragging at their heels, constantly holding them back from the lofty heights of spiritual power to which they aspire!"

The confusion between the standards of a short story and the standards of the novel which leads at last to these what shall I call them? Westminster Gazettisms? about the correct length to which the novelist should aspire, leads also to all kinds of absurd condemnations and exactions upon matters of method and style.

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