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She was fidgeting with the blind-cord, her pretty face very serious. "I am not sure," she said slowly, "that it lies in my power to help you. Of course I am willing to do my best, because, as you say, we are pals. But, Nick, she is very young. And if if she really doesn't love you, you mustn't ask me to persuade her." Nick sprang up impulsively. "Oh, but you don't understand," he said quickly.

Guy was in dismay, he sent for the builder from Moorworth; calculated times and costs; but, do what he would, he could not persuade himself that when once the workmen were in Redclyffe, they would be out again before the autumn. Guy was very busy during the fortnight he spent at home.

"But," the Earl continued and something of the pathos which belongs to deep emotion vibrated in the eloquent voice, accustomed to command and persuade "we strip not the green leaves for our yulehearths we gather them up when dry and sere. Leave youth on the bough let the bird sing to it let it play free in the airs of heaven.

That is to say, he would have to persuade himself that he was walking, not only for himself, but also for the community. It seems to me, then, that a profession is a noble or an ignoble one, according as it offers or denies to him who practises it the opportunity of working for some other end than his own advancement.

They should not form sudden acquaintances with strange and unknown boys, but should choose their associates from among those whom they knew to be of good habits. He also earnestly cautioned them against yielding to the enticements of those who would persuade them to do wrong.

And he thumped with his fists like a naughty child, and turned to his son, saying, "George, persuade them!" "It's so obvious they should have the rooms," said the son. "There's nothing else to say." He did not look at the ladies as he spoke, but his voice was perplexed and sorrowful.

Her head almost swain round with happiness, and she wanted to turn to the glass, to persuade herself that she could be the same Marian Arundel, wide awake, and yet so very, very happy. However, it was all future, as far as concerned herself; and that cares were in the world she was convinced, by her own pang at seeing Caroline, whom she overtook on her way down stairs.

Then, Jesus, we'll make plans together, Esora and myself, for thy departure; and having thanked him, Jesus returned to Matred in the kitchen, and they could hear him talking with her while they debated, and as soon as the kitchen door closed Joseph told Esora that he could not break the promise he gave to his father, and it was this very promise that she strove to persuade him to forgo.

And will you go out to Manhattanville, Mr. Carleton! along by the river?" "If you like. But Miss Edith, the carriage will hold another cannot you persuade one of these ladies to go with us?" "Fleda!" said Edith, springing off to her with extravagant capers of joy, "Fleda, you shall go! you haven't been out to-day." "And I cannot go out to-day," said Fleda gently. "The air is very fine," said Mr.

The lack of a priest at the right time can cause a good deal of suffering and trouble, but it can't muddy a pure stream; and many a lawful marriage has done that. So, mind you never bring your head down for a minute, nor persuade yourself that anyone has a better right to keep it up. It would be the death of you." Alexander nodded, but did not reply.