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I wish to relieve the anxiety from which I know that you are suffering. Give me your confidence." "You ask a very difficult thing," she sighed. "Difficult but not impossible," he insisted.

For the forgery was badly executed, inspection raised doubts, and Seguin, just returned, was at his banker's an hour after Gilbert, to prove the fraud; he came hither at once to accuse him of it and made me his confidant. What would you have had me do, Pauline? Time was short, and I could not wait for you." "How can I tell at once? Why pause to ask? What did you do?"

"I wish to speak to her." "I should advise you to do no such foolish thing," says Mrs. Bethune, rising too. "You advise! you! Who are you?" says Lady Rylton insolently. "When did I ask for your advice, or take it? Send that girl here directly." "Surely you forget that 'that girl' is at this moment your hostess!" says Marian Bethune, who has some sense of decency left.

The lurking expression with which he felt that the eyes of the other were fixed upon him made him start for a moment. What if the Russian perhaps only had the same intention as himself, and only wanted to make his tongue wag with the champagne? At all events, he was now on his guard. "May I ask you to try one of my Havannah cigars?" asked the Russian in passing his cigar-case.

"He is a Bunia," said the Malee, as if that summed up the whole matter; but he added, after a pause, "If he sees a burning ground, he shakes like a peepul leaf. The cobra has died by his hand and his liver has become like water. Whatever you ask he will give. You should come," Nagoo replied aloud, "I will come," and to himself, "I will give him physic."

I did not ask myself how she came there, though I had thought her safe in the Malhominis village. So she had loved the man enough to follow secretly. I left her with him and went on. I stepped over men who were mangled and scalped. Some of them were not dead, and they clutched at me. But I went on my way. Indians and troops were gathered at the north of the camp. The warfare was over.

Dimitri returned from Lubov Sergievna's room with some toothache capsules which she had given him, yet in even greater pain, and therefore in even greater depression, than before. Evidently no bedroom had yet been prepared for me, for presently the boy who acted as Dimitri's valet arrived to ask him where I was to sleep. "Oh, go to the devil!" cried Dimitri, stamping his foot.

After the party had examined the gems, and commented again and again on their beauty, it occurred to Ruth to ask what would be the disposal of the jewels. "I imagine that in this case, since they are recovered after a theft, that an effort will be made to get in touch with the rightful owner. In the case of ordinary smuggled jewels, they would be seized by the United States.

Meadows shrugged his shoulders imperceptibly. "Well, sir I am not the Almighty to read folk's hearts least of all such a one as yours but if I have done you wrong I ask your pardon. Come, sir, if you don't mean to undermine my brother with the girl you can give me your hand, and I can give you mine and there 'tis."

What do you mean, you rascal! 'I mean sixty-five, he replied; 'but as for the hundred francs you asked me to give you, it's not possible. 'What! you villain! I ask you for a hundred francs?