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'Narada said O Yudhishthira, the celestial Sabha of Varuna is unparalleled in splendour. In dimensions it is similar to that of Yama. Its walls and arches are all of pure white. It is surrounded on all sides by many celestial trees made of gems and jewels and yielding excellent fruits and flowers.

Then with much toil we hacked and rent the hard flesh open, and as we did so I heard the knife point grate upon the gems within. Cleopatra plunged her hand into the dead breast and drew forth somewhat. She held it to the light, and gave a little cry, for from the darkness of Pharaoh's heart there flashed into light and life the most beauteous emerald that ever man beheld.

Was it a friend's calm duty to give me her tiny hand to hold in mine, that I might fold and unfold the rosy fingers, and explore the white dimples that were its ornamenting gems, to rest her tired head against my shoulder, even, watching all day by the chair where pain, life-long ministrant, held me on the rack? was it only friendly that she should press her soft little mouth to mine, and soothe me into quiet as a mother soothes her last, her dearest child?

Under the front seat there was a chest of gold louis d'ors they were, some two or three thousand at least and, besides that, a little iron-bound box of gems which in itself was worth more than all the rest of the contents of that treasure-casket of a coach.

Vaisampayana continued, "Then, O bull among the Bharatas, that mighty bowman, Karna, surrounded by a large army, besieged the beautiful city of Drupada. And he, after a hard conflict, brought the hero under subjection, and, O best of monarchs, made Drupada contribute silver and gold and gems, and also pay tribute.

At the extremity of the ridge the imp stopped, and suddenly there shot down the steep, not a tortured ghost, but a shower of radiant gems even more brilliant than those to which I have already referred. "What, in the name of all that's wonderful, is that?" said my friend, Mr.

The German stared again, open-mouthed, and clinched the bargain eagerly. He did not know anything about gems, but the splendor of this dazzled his eye, while he had guns more than enough, and could get many others at his lord's cost. Cecil fastened a shot-belt round him, took a powder-flask and cartridge-case, and with a few words of thanks, went on his way.

Moving swiftly to the Queen's chair, she bent low before her. "Madam!" she said, "I am told to kneel to you, because you are the Queen, but it is not for that I do so. I kneel, because you are my husband's mother!" And raising the cold impassive hand covered with great gems, that rested idly on the rich velvets so near to her touch, she gently kissed it, then rose up to her full height again.

Raymonde thereupon assured the others that Madame Dieulafay, who had been married scarcely two years previously, had brought all the jewellery given her on the occasion of her wedding to offer it as a gift to Our Lady of Lourdes; and Gerard confirmed this assertion, saying that the jewellery had been handed over to the treasurer of the Basilica that very morning with a golden lantern studded with gems and a large sum of money destined for the relief of the poor.

Head over heels, down the hatchway, reeled the astonished dons. Drake clapped down hatches, and had the Spaniards trapped while his men went ashore to sack the town. One Spaniard had succeeded in swimming across to warn the port. When Drake landed, the entire population had fled to the hills. Rich plunder in wedges of pure gold, and gems, was carried off from the fort.

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