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The same coquetry of Nature that rippled her hair has dinted her cheeks with shifting dimples. Every time she smiles and she smiles as if sixty an hour were not half allowance a dimple slides into view and vanishes like a dot in a flow of sunny water. And, O Peter Skerrett! if you were not the best fellow in the world, I should envy you that latent kiss of a mouth."

"He means Little Dimples," Mr. Miaco informed him. "Oh." Phil hurried from the tent. Dimples was sitting on a property box, industriously engaged on a piece of embroidery work. She made a pretty picture perched up on the box engaged in her peaceful occupation with the needle, and the lad stopped to gaze at her admiringly. Dimples glanced down with a smile.

Barclay took his eyes off Jay Gould's picture long enough to look at the brown-eyed girl with an oval face and a tip of a chin that just fitted the hollow of a man's hand; there were the smallest brown freckles in the world across the bridge of her nose, and under her eyes there was the faintest suggestion of dark shading. Youth was in her lips and cheeks, and when she smiled there were dimples.

Her position brought out all the beauties of the vast wide-spread mass of black curly hair that thickly covered all the lower part of her magnificent quim, ran down each thigh, up between her buttocks, and opening out on her back, had two bunches just below the two beautiful dimples that were so charmingly developed below her waist.

Notwithstanding doubts of right, notwithstanding sense of duty, and despite all manly striving, and the great love of my home, there my heart was ever dwelling, knowing what a fool it was, and content to know it. Many birds came twittering round me in the gold of August; many trees showed twinkling beauty, as the sun went lower; and the lines of water fell, from wrinkles into dimples.

"Is Polly the one with the pointed chin and the I-dare-you pout?" I asks. "No, that's Dot," says he. "Polly's the one with the cheek dimples and the disturbing eyes. She's a case, too." "They both look like they might be live wires," says I. "I see they've brought their mandolins, also. And what's so precious in the bundle you have on your knees?" "Jazz records," says Stanley.

There was red wild blood in the boy, and before he came back he had seen a many men swing from the yard-arm. Ay, when he did return, he met a red bride, for another had awaited his coming. "'This will be the bride ye are seeking, snarled he that waited, and gave the sailor the dagger where the throat dimples above the collar-bone.

I suppose I ought to say Mr. Hutchinson, now that he is such a successful person, and Temple " "Without a shadow of a doubt!" The duke seemed struck by the happiness of the idea. "They will make him a peer presently. He may address me as 'Stone' at any moment. One must learn to adjust one's self with agility. `The old order changeth. Ah! she is smiling at him and I see the dimples."

Charming as these sights were, contrast doubled their beauties; for all these dimples of bright blue and flakes of translucent gold were eyed from the cool and from the deep shade. The light, it is true, came down and danced on the turf here and there, but it left its heat behind through running the gauntlet of the myriad leaves.

At two P.M. the weather cleared; the sun came out high in heaven's centre; and a balmy breeze from the west. At six twenty-five, the grand orb set calm and red, and the sea was gorgeous with miles and miles of great ruby dimples: it was the first glowing smile of southern latitude.