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She loved him not only with the pure and deep devotion of a mother, but with the coquetry of a mistress, and the jealousy of a wife. She was miserable away from him, uneasy at his absence, could never see him enough, and loved only through him and for him.

The note of Celeste is one of those trifling incidents which are too small for calculation, which may have arisen from the trifling motive assigned. Perhaps from a little spirit of coquetry, perhaps a mere piece of sport.

The look they had exchanged was the look one man gives to another level, fearless for there never was anything of coquetry in Kate's gaze, and the impression she had received was of poise, patience and worldly wisdom tinged with a sadness in which there was no bitterness. The man walked on a pace, stopped and swung about abruptly.

But, alas like many other beautiful women, she had a strong tendency to coquetry. How severely she suffered for it, it is the purpose of this history to relate.

"The two last waltzes," I murmured, when parting with her. She nodded. I roamed the Gunton-Cresswells's rooms awaiting them. She danced those two last waltzes with strangers. The thing was utterly beyond me at the time. Looking back, I am still amazed to what lengths deliberate coquetry can go. She actually took pains to elude me, and gave those waltzes to strangers.

Guy allowed that at one time this face must have worn becomingly the expression of coquetry may be there was once a pleasure in showing this face to its best advantage, with the assistance of studied apparel, but now! all that was a buried past.

Therefore it lies in woman's nature to look upon everything only as a means for winning man, and her interest in anything else is always a simulated one, a mere roundabout way to gain her ends, consisting of coquetry and pretence. Every one who can see through a sham must have found this to be the case.

I wonder how Jack likes a certain ease she has in other men's society? What claws are to a cat, what the sting is to the bee, what its poison is to the upas tree, coquetry is to Georgy Lenox. I wish him joy of her, but wash my hands of the engagement." He spoke with some heat, which was his wont in every allusion to Jack's love-affair.

Richard." There was no coquetry in this frank statement. "Any one can see that you are happy." "I want every one to see it. I want to tell everybody, too. You have no idea how strong he is, Dick. Yesterday I was in the shops with him. A rail was in the way; the men about did not see it; or refused to see it. John stooped, picked it up with his bare hands, and dropped it to one side.

"It often beats as fast when I run," she said. Seraphitus inclined his head with a gesture that was neither coldness nor indifference, and yet, despite the grace which made the movement almost tender, it none the less bespoke a certain negation, which in a woman would have seemed an exquisite coquetry. Seraphitus clasped the young girl in his arms.