Their penance closes on the 24th, when Michael Bruce returns to London. I hope you are not going there this year. From such a subject as Michael Bruce it will not do to descend to any of the trifling fopperies of Paris. Let me, then, give you a short account of our visit to Fountain Elephant, which if ever finished, with its concomitant streets, &c., will be an 8th wonder of the world.

We were at first rather surprized than pleased, and reluctantly gathered our baggage together with as much expedition as we could, while the men who were to escort us were exclaiming "a la Francaise" at the trifling delay this occasioned.

Her mother looked upon her with most ardent love, and hoped that her dear daughter would live to be her companion and friend. At first she ventured to disobey in some trifling thing. She still loved her mother, and would have been struck with horror at the thought of being guilty of crimes which she afterwards committed.

Julio sprang towards the small door, locked it, and put the key in his pocket. "Cease this trifling," said the other, evidently ill at ease. "Open the door, Julio, or I will complain of you to our master." "What do I care for our master?" said the man, laughing. "You say, Bernardo, that I shall end my days on the gallows.

Once she was going to say, “O Meg, it hurts me still where you punched me,” but she checked the words, and thought how trifling was such a pain compared with the nails in the hands of our great example, who has bid us follow him in his patience, as well as in perfect purity.

The horse being all right again, we proceeded on our road after thanking the gentlemen for their courtesy. Such an every-day occurrence could not be expected to have any serious consequences, but alas! the most important events are often the result of very trifling circumstances! The next day, Dubois breakfasted with us.

"Terence, to be sure," replied O'Brien. "Then," answered the lieutenant, "I may congratulate you on your promotion, for here you are upon the list of August." "Sure there must be some trifling mistake; let me look at it. Terence O'Brien, sure enough; but now the question is, has any other fellow robbed me of my name and promotion at the same time? Bother, what can it mane?

I'll produce another like him if that will console you." "Come along," cried the countess, "I will confess all to him. That will be the punishment for my sins." Thinking that this lady was arranging with her servant certain trifling provisions and secret things in order not to be disturbed in the interview she had promised him, the unknown lover kept at a discreet distance, looking at the flies.

He told him that there was a good deed to be done which he could do better than any man, that his conscience would never reproach him for it, and that he would at the same time earn no trifling reward. He begged the mason to procure a complete dress as for a journeyman, and to follow him to the house of his brother-in-law Daatselaer.

This was the source of my first disgrace, for, instead of complying with these offers of the Cardinal and with the entreaties of the Grand Master, urging me to go and make my court to him, I returned the most trifling excuses and apologies; one time I pretended to be sick and went into the country.