As may naturally be supposed, where the contest was one at close quarters, and where each of the gallant defenders had so many assailants to wait upon, they did not come out of the melee unscathed. Scarcely one of them escaped a mark, and several of them were severely wounded. Lieutenant D'Aguilar received many hurts about the head.

"But not better than something else, perhaps?" He saw that her interest was kindly and genuine, and suddenly drawn to expand he told her simply: "It's the isolation that hurts. Day after day, day after day, just this hollow and these kopjes, and never anyone to speak to except each other.

"Nothing," he would say, "hurts a young Parliamentary speaker like violence in opinion, one way or the other. Shun it. Always allow that much may be said on both sides. When the chiefs of your own side suddenly adopt a violence, you can go with them or against them, according as best suits your own book." It is a great occasion." "True.

The pages of literature devoted to sport and the hunting of wild game teem with stories and instances of occasions when the hunted, driven to desperation and enraged to ferocity by wounds, turns, and itself becomes the hunter and the avenger of its own hurts.

Androwes that was last of all hurt, lay lame not able to helpe himselfe: onely two recouered of their hurts. So we placed other men in the roomes of those that we lost, and set saile. The 26 day between Cape Verde and Bona vista we sawe many flying fishes of the bignesse of herrings, whereof two flew into our boat, which we towed at our sterne.

Again and again the cat stirred it up, sniffing suspiciously to make sure it was not dead; then in a last effort to tempt it he deliberately lay over on his back and rolled, purring and closing his eyes luxuriously, until, despite its hurts, the mouse once more took to flight.

We must, therefore, consider how I can do it." "Commander of the true believers," said the grand vizier, "if you should go in, and Scheich Ibrahim chance to know you, he would infallibly die with the fright." "It is that which hurts me," replied the caliph, "and I should be loth to be the occasion of his death, after so many years service.

"She acts as if there wasn't really any Lily Bell," he confided to his father, in a moment of such emotion. "I don't think that's nice or p'lite, an' it hurts Lily Bell's feelings." "That's bad," said the father, soberly. "We mustn't have that. I'll speak to your mother." He did subsequently, and to such good effect that the expression of Mrs. Prescott's amusement was temporarily checked.

"Well then, you've got to put up with a bit of my mind you've caught me in a bad mood, and I don't care whether it hurts you or not you're in for a bit of plain speaking." He looked up at her with surprise, but said nothing. "Oh, I know I'm no very great person myself," she went on quickly almost fiercely.

He stammered something which I made out to be, "It hurts me to cry," whereupon I cried, the tears rolling fast down my cheeks. Fortunately he did not see me! This is my first trial, and I have already broken down!