These powers are as limitless as God, and only through the expansion and recognized rational, practical use and application of these faculties now sometimes falsely named supernatural can the human race pass out from its present environment of darkness, and crime, and reaching upward expand into a saving knowledge of the truth, as made known by the Christs.

She was about to expand her views on the nice and not-nice English girls, when in rushed Leucha and her friends. 'You clear out of this, she said. 'Clear? said Hollyhock. 'What is clear? 'There's the door, said Leucha. 'Go! 'Not I, said Holly. 'I find this little chair very comfortable. She established herself with much grace and dignity, and the others clustered round her.

But to Nancy Nelson's excited imagination the principal of Pinewood Hall at this juncture seemed to swell expand develop and actually fill the doorway of Number 40, West Side, with her unexpected presence! Nancy couldn't speak for the moment. Even the lively Jennie Bruce's gayety was stifled in her throat. "I hope you are not stricken dumb, Nancy," suggested the Madame, in the same low voice.

The houses generally occupied by these gentlemen, are large and roomy, with verandahs in front and rear, enclosed with Venetian blinds: these are kept shut from ten A. M. till four P. M., which darkens the house so much that a visiter can with difficulty see his host or hostess for two or three minutes after entering a room, till the pupils of his eyes, contracted by the glare on the road, expand, and enable him to distinguish objects.

A great fear came upon me. Gradually I became calmer, and tried to form some plan of action. I resolved to keep to the left, where I had already seen a solitary mountain. Perhaps water was to be found there. My gun was loaded with Dum-Dum bullets, specially prepared for bucks. I had filed through the steel to the lead, so that the bullet would expand at once when it came into contact with bone.

She was outside the reefs, how far he could not tell, but he knew by the difference in the three reports that she was driving toward the island. It was for him to save the unknown vessel that was to save him, and in the darkness and storm he felt equal to the task. His soul leaped within him. His whole body seemed to expand. He knew what to do, and, quick as lightning, he did it.

The poor Santons, filled with holy energy, having bustled to light up wax torches in their oratories and expand the Koran on their ebony desks, went forth to meet the Caliph with baskets of honeycomb, dates, and melons.

You set up two plates and establish this field between them," said Jones curtly. "It's circularly polarized and it doesn't expand. It's like a searchlight beam or a microwave beam, and it stays the same size like a pipe. In that field or pipe radiation travels faster than it does outside. The properties of space are changed between the plates. Therefore the speed of all radiation. That's all."

Rasselyer-Brown's own thoughts as expressed to her three hundred friends is room to expand, to grow. The hardest thing in the world is to be stifled: and there is nothing more stifling than a husband who doesn't know a Giotto from a Carlo Dolci, but who can distinguish nut coal from egg and is never asked to dinner without talking about the furnace. These, of course, were early trials.

The shallow joys, the capricious pleasures, the wavering sunshine of infancy have deepened into virtues, graces, heroisms. We have the bold outlook of calm, self-confident courage, the strong fortitude of endurance, the imperial magnificence of self-denial. Our hearts expand with benevolence, our lives broaden with beneficence.