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"How can Mesty help you?" "I don't know, but you can't; so, for want of better advice, I'll try the Ashantee." Our hero went to Mesty, and laid the difficult affair open to him. "I see," said Mesty, showing his filed teeth, "you want him skull." "No, I don't, Mesty; but I want him out of the way." "How dat possible, Massa Easy? ship sail day after to-morrow.

I took their knives from them, so they would not hurt themselves or other people, and I send you these knives to be filed for reference."

For two days we again filed through mountain gorges of a most awkward character, reaching Red Gap at dusk. For this I was rather grateful, not only because of my beard and the overalls, but on account of a hat of the most shocking description which Cousin Egbert had pressed upon me when my own deer-stalker was lost in a glen.

I intend to read it to you so that all witnesses may hear it. It is then to be filed with the district attorney. You can signify its correctness or incorrectness after every paragraph. Is that agreeable?" "I guess so." A pause. At last: "'My name is Fred Thayer. I am forty-four years of age. Prior to about a year ago, I was employed by the Empire Lake Mill and Lumber Company as superintendent.

Ida used threats and argument. “I gotta put down your numbers!” We stood firm—6 o'clock was long enough. “Gee! You don't notice that last hourgoes like a second,” argued Ida. We filed out when the 6-o'clock bell rang. The girls all fuss over the hour off at noon. It takes at best twenty minutes to eat lunch.

"Beauvoir thought this was merely one of the aimless remarks that such folks indulge in. The hope of freedom filled him with such joy that he could not be troubled to consider the words of a man who was no more than a better sort of peasant. He set to work at once, and had filed the bars through in the course of the day.

He followed them as they filed away into the kitchen, and, waiting till the men had gone about their work, turned his attention to the girls who stood about very much as if they did not know just what to do with themselves. "Sit, ladies," said he, drawing up chairs quite as if he were doing the honours of the house.

With the troops which had filed through Paris, under Marmont's convention, and those which had followed himself from Troyes, nearly 50,000 men were once more assembled around Fontainebleau; and with such support Napoleon was not yet so humbled as to fear hazarding a blow, despite all the numerical superiority of the Allies.

Parker surveyed these mural decorations with deep, inward satisfaction not untinged with patriotism. "There wa'n't many folks right here when I filed on to this claim," he had been known to remark, "an' I may have trouble provin' up.

It was forthwith divided into four columns, which filed off through the neighbouring woods; and the Prussians never dreamed of their approach until they saw themselves entirely surrounded.