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During those six weeks Fontainebleau was more brilliant than Versailles; nevertheless, the artists attached to the theatres were so numerous that the Opera, the French and Italian Comedies, remained open in Paris. Baletti's father, who had recovered his health, was to go to Fontainebleau with Silvia and all his family.

The result was, that Monsieur who had at first been in the highest spirits, and completely restored since Guiche's departure subsided into his melancholy state three days after the court was installed at Fontainebleau.

But, instead of arriving on the evening of the 27th, the Emperor had traveled with such speed, that, on the 26th at ten o'clock in the morning, he was at the gates of the palace of Fontainebleau; and consequently, with the exception of the grand marshal, a courier, and the gate-keeper of Fontainebleau, he found no one to receive him on his descent from the carriage.

No, not even His Majesty. Continued inquiry may have elicited the fact that Château Courance, with its wide park, situated some three leagues south-west from Fontainebleau, had once been a splendid feudal residence, but was now supposed to be in ruins, having been abandoned and wholly closed to the world for the greater part of a century.

And the other, only wars, not devoid of glory, but devoid of results, until the grand and fatal conclusion in the abdication at Fontainebleau. But it is anticipating too much to describe here events which few men dared to predict directly after the disasters of Moscow.

You would, wouldn't you, boy?" "Yes, Sire, or die in the attempt." "Don't you be so fond of talking about dying," cried the King. "Who wants to die? Here, with all France at my feet, one wants to live and enjoy oneself. But let's see, Leoni; that wouldn't do at all. What's to be done?" "Your Majesty will have to stay at Fontainebleau and let your servant do this duty, as he has said."

I do not remember whether the mischievous wags suggested to the alcalde, a pure Indian wearing sombrero, shirt, and white calzoneras, a repetition of the solemn scene of Fontainebleau, or whether the worthy Indian evolved the notion unaided; but the result was that poor Colonel Petit, much against his will, found himself forced into playing a parody of his father's part to the alcalde's Napoleon.

And all things considered, neither French nor English admirers of the exiled hero could to-day very well carve on the adjoining rock, "And Freedom shrieked when Kosciusko fell." Some time or other the Russian Imperial pair may visit Fontainebleau, whilst an English tourist with The Daily Mail in his pocket would naturally and sheepishly look the other way.

"So much the better, then," I continued; and went on to point out that our separation need not be for long; that, in the way affairs were going, he might join me in two years with a fortune small, indeed, for the States, but in France almost conspicuous; that we might unite our resources, and have one house in Paris for the winter and a second near Fontainebleau for summer, where we could be as happy as the day was long, and bring up little Pinkertons as practical artistic workmen, far from the money-hunger of the West.

Germain-en-Laye, Fontainebleau, and Monceaux; the latter of which, as we have already stated, the monarch had presented to the Queen on her arrival in Paris; while, emulating the royal example, the great nobles and capitalists of the city were building on all sides, and increasing alike the extent and splendour of the metropolis. It was at this period that Henry joined the Faubourg St.