"He says he can get us to Southampton in ten days," interrupted the captain. "I can do it, I can do it," he cried, to the consternation of his guests, who wondered if his mind were affected. "If he'll land us in Southampton by the 27th, I'll pay him up to one hundred thousand dollars." After what seemed an age to Monty, the "Flitter," in tow of the freighter "Glencoe," arrived at Southampton.

I shall hope to establish good relations here and then go somewhere and await further developments. I even doubt whether more can be done until some decisive military result is obtained by one or other of the belligerents. I will write further if there is any change in the situation. I shall probably be here until at least the 27th. Faithfully yours, E.M. HOUSE.

Anxious to lose no time in reporting myself to my Government, I only remained in South Australia about a fortnight, and then left for Perth in the Branch mail steamer, and arrived there on Tuesday, the 27th of September. The City Council determined to give us a public reception and present an address.

"The Princess Patricia's Regiment arrived with the 27th Division a month earlier and since then they have performed splendid service in the trenches. "Two or three days ago they captured a German trench with great dash and energy and excellent results.

It was evident, then, that the village could be but a few miles off; hence the pursuit was continued with redoubled caution until, a few hours before dawn of the 27th, as the leading scouts peered over a rise on the line of march, they discovered a large body of animals in the valley below.

This Convention will be ratified by a Volksraad of the South African Republic within the period of six months after its execution, and in default of such ratification this Convention shall be null and void. Signed in duplicate in London this 27th day of February, 1884. July. July 4. The PRESIDENT said: Mr.

They remained in Newport and the vicinity several weeks, during which time, amongst other engagements, they conducted a Scripture class with some young persons three evenings a week. In a letter dated the 27th of the Sixth Month, J.Y. says: My dear Martha feels deeply for the Unitarians in this place; we sometimes think the way may open for us to help them a little.

It was accordingly determined that the governments should be changed, and the Stadholder set himself to prepare the way for a thorough and, if possible, a bloodless revolution. He departed on the 27th November for a tour through the chief cities, and before leaving the Hague addressed an earnest circular letter to the various municipalities of Holland.

To Marduk and Sarpanitum the 16th day is assigned, besides the 3d and 7th days as above set forth; to Ramman and his consort the 6th, to the old Bel and Belit the 5th, the 12th, the 25th, and to Nergal and Bau the 27th. At times two male deities are in association.

The Moniteur thus describes her passage through the chief town of the department of the Lower Rhine. "Strassburg, January 23, 1807. Her Majesty the Empress and Queen arrived within our walls yesterday, the 27th, on her way from Mayence to Paris.