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In the reign of Philippe le Bel, he appeared to a monk in the shape of a dark man, riding a tall black horse then as a friar afterwards as an ass, and finally as a coach-wheel. Instances are not rare in which both he and his inferior demons have taken the form of handsome young men; and, successfully concealing their tails, have married beautiful young women, who have had children by them.

And was it thou that didst defend my Heart, That I might live to pay thy Goodness back? Cel. It was to save your Life, and to expose my own. Dia. Come, let's in, and consult what's best for us to do. Bel. Come, my Celinda. Let us no longer doubt, the Pow'rs above Will be propitious to united Love. Cel. Enter Servant. Serv. Sir, my Lord Plotwell is at the Door in his Coach. Dia. My Uncle come!

The Chaldaean priests, the earliest astronomers, would have allowed him to take his observations from the summit of the great temple of Bel, their own observatory, but he refused this offer decidedly, and persisted in his haughty reserve.

A clock over the table, and a rolling-towel beside the sink; green Holland window-shades; these were the only adornments and drapery. There was a closet at each end of the room. "Will you go up to your room now, or wait till after tea?" asked Mrs. Scherman. "We might take up our things, now," said Bel, looking round at the four chairs. "They would be in the way here, perhaps."

What Cherubim has left the quire in heaven And warbles peacefull Anthems to the earth? It is her voyce, that to all eares speakes health, Only to mine. Come charitable mist Hide me, or freindly wherlewind rap me hence, Or her next accent, like the thunderers, will Strike me to dust. Bel.

Among the collection is the story from which Mr. Fechter's melodrama of "Bel Demonio" was taken, the story of the Cenci, and the story of a certain Duchess of Pagliano, all of them inconceivably horrible and revolting.

Ods bobs, I'm glad on't, Sirrah; But are you real, Bellmour? Bel. As sure as I'm no Ghost. Gay. We all can witness for him, Sir. Sir Feeb.

"Those who possessed two thousand francs income were only allowed to wear one dress a year, the cloth for which was not permitted to exceed tenpence a yard; but ladies of rank could go as high as fifteen pence." "Philip le Bel must have been an old woman," insisted Mrs. Wolston. "No private citizen was permitted to use a carriage, and such persons were likewise interdicted the use of flambeaux."

Clay figures of gods and goddesses were also made in moulds or modelled by hand and served as votive offerings. At Nippur, the images represent chiefly Bel and Belit, either separately or in combination; but figurines of Ishtar have also been found. In some the goddess is represented as suckling a child. Often she is pictured as naked, clasping her breasts or her womb.

"To seize the hands of Bel" was equivalent to legitimizing one's claim to the throne of Babylonia, and the chroniclers of the south consistently decline to recognize Assyrian rulers as kings of Babylonia until they have come to Babylon and "seized the hands of Bel." That this ceremony was annually performed by the kings of Babylonia after the union of the southern states is quite certain.