We did not put any in the parlor windows when we moved, only window-shades, because there were so many things to be done, and we wanted time to make up our minds as to what we would have. But that was years ago, and we have not decided yet, though we consider the subject every spring and fall.

His mouth watered at the thought of the finny beauties sputtering in the frying-pan. He noted, as he approached the house, that there was no smoke coming from the chimney. This only disturbed him in connection with the matter of supper. When he entered the gate he observed further that the window-shades had been taken down. "'Spec' de ole 'oman's been house-cleanin'," he said to himself.

It was as proper and orderly a parlor as those of our most fashionable neighbors; and when our friends called, we took them stumbling into its darkened solitude, and opened a faint crack in one of the window-shades, and came down in our best clothes, and talked with them there.

But the lady who has welcomed us so kindly is far from assisting in the birth of children; her calling, on the contrary, is to prevent it; she practices infanticide every day, and it is by carrying on this business she has obtained the wealth she is making so great a display of. Every one of those window-shades, so nicely arranged to ward off the rays of the sun, cost one thousand dollars.

The window-shades were still askew and there were garments here and there, but Uncle William's path was a success. The sun was coming over the tops of the houses opposite, and Uncle William reappeared with shining face. "You reely needed a man around," he said. "I'm putty glad I come." "What made you come?" asked the artist. "What made me?" Uncle William paused, looking about him.

Maria took a lamp from the sitting-room table, lighted it, and went up-stairs. "You are just like your mother just as set," Aunt Maria called after her, in subdued tones. "Here I've been watchin' till I was 'most crazy." "I am real sorry," Maria called back. "Good-night, Aunt Maria. Such a thing will never happen again." Directly Maria was in her own room she pulled down her window-shades.

"It is all right for me to pay it, but I don't want you to pay it. Will you have a care for yourself, Gordon?" "Will you?" "Yes." "You need never ask me to be careful," Smith went on. "That is my business. I asked you to watch your window-shades at night, and when I came in just now I found one up. It is you who are likely to forget, and in this kind of a game a man never forgets but once.

The farm-house moved, finished, furnished, and heated, but not painted or papered, would cost $2630. Painting, papering, window-shades, and odds and ends cost $275, making a total of $2905. It proved a good investment, for it was a comfortable and convenient home for the men and women who afterward occupied it.

Simon Craft and Lawyer Sharpman were sitting together in the rear room of the latter's law office. The window-shades were closely drawn, shutting out the mellow light of the full moon, which rested brightly and beautifully on all objects out of doors. The gas jet, shaded by a powerful reflector, threw a disk of light on the round table beneath it, but the corners of the room were in shadow.

Jenkins, moved to memories long dormant of the home of her youth, suggested blinds instead of window-shades, but the Boarder after much figuring proved adamantine in resistance to this temptation. Lily Rose was the only one who made no suggestions. Anything the Boarder might construct in the way of a nesting place was beautiful in her eyes.