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"I pretended I wanted to touch her up with color and carried her away from the Council Rock, and the Captain came right along, so I had to do it, and the minute I was through he insisted on carrying her back and I couldn't object without rousing his suspicions, so back she went. Now Slim's sitting and leaning his head against her."

V.C. Vaughan, who had come to the University in 1875 as an assistant in the Chemical Laboratory, as its first Director. The first officially recognized Laboratory of Clinical Medicine was established by Dr. Dock, when he came to the University in 1891, with the purpose of carrying out the instrumental investigation of disease, and teaching the technique of diagnosis.

"There was a sound of approaching footsteps, and from another entrance the Executioner appeared, followed by some slaves carrying the block. "I thought my last moment had arrived, but just then, to my intense delight, I felt a curious sensation, which told me that I was about to disappear.

"The bride is then led by two of her relatives or friends, who carry candles, and all the other friends follow them through the streets, some also carrying candles. As there are no carriages to be had in Jerusalem, they have sometimes to walk some distance to the Synagogue.

The carrying trade alone in these ways was immense. More than 12,000 wagons came to Pittsburg in a year, bringing goods on which the freight was $1,500,000.

They raced about the country in all weathers and over all kinds of roads in their much-worn open motor-cars, specially authorized and constantly watched and frequently examined by the Germans, each car carrying the little triangular white and red-lettered C. R. B. flag, that flapped encouragement as it passed, to all the hat-doffing Belgians.

Well now, if these fellows are right, it turns out that we have been wrong all the time, and the sooner we make amends, by carrying a gun, the better.

"He is carrying the books up with him, as usual!" At this juncture, Hamish turned round to speak to his sister. "Constance, I don't want any supper to-night, tell my mother. You can call me when it is time for the reading." "And he is going to set on at 'em, now, and he'll be at 'em till morning light!" continued Judith's whisper. "And he'll drop off into his grave with decline!

Kathryn and Elinor watched her going. They heard her cry, "Oh, Mr. Tom!" Another moment and Blake, carrying the child in his arms, thrust aside the bending heads of the white roses and made his way into the garden. "Hello, folks," was his greeting. "Is God in?" "Who?" demanded Elinor. "God," he returned. "This is heaven, isn't it?

We were now running through the very thickest of the herd, and it was rather nervous work, for with a single lash of its mighty tail any one of the monsters might have destroyed us; and with such a cloud of canvas as we were carrying the deviations from our course which we dared to make were very trifling.