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There was that in the low tone that should have warned the aggressor from further insult; but forgetting that the swaggering domination he had been accustomed to exercising over his own countrymen, officially his inferiors, would not for a moment be tolerated by one of another nationality, he again broke out: "You bounder! Yankee upstart!

Other detachments of the same service of the Russian army were equally successful on May 2, 1916, in driving back toward Diarbekr resisting Turkish forces west of Mush and Bitlis, and a similar achievement was officially reported on May 3, 1916.

Is that sufficiently enthralling, or should I add that the invulnerability of the Boxer has been officially and indisputably tested by the Manchus, according to the gossip of the day?

On the nineteenth of April, the seventh anniversary of the earlier bloodshedding in the War for Independence, at Lexington and Concord, the intelligence of peace was officially proclaimed to the army in general orders.

What possible connection has the women's vote with Mrs. Stopford Brown?" "I thought you were speaking of dower laws. As for Mrs. Brown, haven't you already fitted the punishment to the crime?" "Then you will not officially contradict the rumor?" "Dear Aunt, I am not an official. And a rumor is of no importance until it is contradicted. Surely you are letting yourself get excited about nothing."

"I think, if nobody else wants them, I'll do just that.... Now, Mr. Rand, what had you intended doing about the collection?" "Well, that's what I came to see you about, Mr. Goode. As I understand it, it is you who are officially responsible for selling the collection, and the proceeds would be turned over to you for distribution to Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Dunmore and Mrs. Varcek. Is that correct?"

Led by the lieutenant and Jerry, the party tramped back to where, shortly, mess was to be served. "That air certainly does give a fellow an appetite," said Jerry, as he splashed more of the clear cold water over his face. An orderly stepped up to Lieutenant Mackinson and handed him a large, officially stamped envelope.

It comes of your being idle for the moment. Every man who isn't doing two men's work seems to have been called upon. Hawkins evidently believes in Punjabis. It's going to be quite as bad as anything they have had in the last ten years." "It's all in the day's work, worse luck. I suppose I shall get my orders officially some time to-morrow. I'm awfully glad I happened to drop in.

There was formerly an Egyptian station and fort on the neck of land at the junction of the two rivers. Other stations were also held by Khedivial troops further up the river in the old days before the Mahdi's rebellion. It was on the 20th September, the date as officially given, that the flotilla reached Sobat. The place was overgrown with bush, as compared with what had formerly been the case.

"I am not sleepy, but, of course, being a leader now, I have to set a good example," said Harriet lightly. Tommy squinted at her inquiringly, as if trying to decide whether or not it were prudent to take advantage of her now that Harriet was a leader officially.

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