He shut himself up in his room and applied himself to his work. Sabine returned the next day and shut herself up also. They avoided meeting each other. The weather was still wet and cold: neither of them went out. They saw each other through their closed windows. Sabine was wrapped up by her fire, dreaming. Christophe was buried in his papers.

And how grand it would be, he thought, with his cheeks flushing, to be independent, and work his own way without encountering day by day his uncle's sour sneers and reproaches, his aunt's cold looks, and his cousin's tyranny. "I could make my way, I know I could," he thought, and the outlook grew day by day more rosy.

Theuriet is a poet as well as a novelist, and his poetry is said by competent critics to be very good; but the public looks with a more kindly eye upon his novels, and as their author cannot afford to disdain contemporary profit and reputation, he has been obliged rather to show the cold shoulder to the Muse.

Civilization therefore wastes its own resources, and will do so as long as the present system lasts. These are cold words with which to describe the tyranny under which we suffer; try then to consider what they mean. There is a certain amount of natural material and of natural forces in the world, and a certain amount of labour-power inherent in the persons of the men that inhabit it.

In these days he went over, slowly, minutely, every step of his long acquaintanceship with her, from the first day, when he was nineteen and she was seventeen, to the last evening six years later, when he had kissed the cold hand that could have saved him, and did not.

The river here was rapid, the water cold and deep, with a strong undercurrent. We had to wait nearly a whole day before it came our turn to take our wagons over.

Digest the contents of the stomach in cold distilled water and very dilute sulphuric acid; strain, filter, and press residue. Evaporate the filtrate to half its bulk, digest with alcohol, and evaporate alcohol off in a water-bath. Remove ether and allow it slowly to evaporate. Test resulting alkaloid. Tests. No change of colour with the mineral acids. White deposit with corrosive sublimate.

But I'd rather a thousand times see you cold in death than hear from your lips the awful words you have spoken in this room here this morning with the face of Jesus looking down upon us from your walls." He seemed to sink into a stupor for several moments, and was silent as he gazed into the glowing grate. At length he said: "You must take me to your house.

They hardly got him home before his soul went to God; and that same week his wife gave birth to twins these little girls. She was poor and alone; she had no one, young or old, with her. Alone she gave them birth, and alone she met her death." "The next morning I went to see her, but when I entered the hut, she, poor thing, was already stark and cold.

After his sun bath he usually bathed in cold water, then he took a snack and a brief nap, and subsequently, as though another day had begun, he would study till dinner-time. After dinner a book would be read aloud, and he would take notes in a cursory way.