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An important conference took place, the details of which have been somewhat minutely preserved.

"Now that I have left this 'Earth-wonder, and the emotions it excited are past, it seems not so much like profanation to analyze my feelings, to recall minutely and accurately the effect of this manifestation of the Eternal. But one should go to such a scene prepared to yield entirely to its influences, to forget one's little self and one's little mind.

"There was this much in it," said Angelo: "what was told us of our characters was minutely exact we could have not have bettered it ourselves. Next, two or three memorable things that have happened to us were laid bare things which no one present but ourselves could have known about." "Why, it's rank sorcery!" exclaimed Tom, who was now becoming very much interested.

This expedition had been long ago determined upon, and all its details were minutely arranged. It was to be composed of four vessels of medium size, "in order," says Pacheco, "that they may enter everywhere and again issue forth rapidly."

Having performed this marvellous feat, I was nowise ambitious to qualify myself further for giving a description of the interior. After visiting Suez, the author returned to Cairo, descended to the coast of the Levant, and took shipping for Jaffa, on the route to Jerusalem. Every point of interest in the holy city is described as minutely as could be desired.

Zurich, Geneva still a dream, minutely followed, wearing one into harsh laughter, to fury, to death with the fear of awakening at the end. "Perhaps life is just that," reflected Razumov, pacing to and fro under the trees of the little island, all alone with the bronze statue of Rousseau. "A dream and a fear." The dusk deepened.

I turned and saw that he was taking his hat. "Are you really going?" "Yes, really. I would be rude, indeed, to slight your first invitation." "Do you come this morning merely because I invited you?" I asked, incredulously. "Do you consider it courteous to inquire too minutely into the motives of your friends?" I was silent while I stood for a few seconds regarding him closely.

On the morrow he left his mean brick dwelling in the Jewry, and received her alone in a marble-paved chamber in the Palace, the walls adorned with carvings of flowers and birds, minutely worked, the ceiling with arabesques formed of thin strips of painted wood, the air cooled by a fantastic fountain playing into a pool lined with black and white marbles and red tiling.

Malthus was a clergyman, who worked out this subject most minutely and truthfully some years ago; he showed quite clearly, and although he was much abused for his conclusions at the time, they have never yet been disproved and never will be he showed that in consequence of the increase in the number of organic beings in a geometrical ratio, while the means of existence cannot be made to increase in the same ratio, that there must come a time when the number of organic beings will be in excess of the power of production of nutriment, and that thus some check must arise to the further increase of those organic beings.

Everything had been nicely and minutely arranged. The shot had been carefully weighed to a quarter of a grain, and portioned into three equal lots to match the cases of bullion, which would be weighed on leaving London, again at Dover, once more at Calais, and finally on arrival at Paris.