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"Ten thousand dollars?" Her voice fluted incredulously. "But I am afraid I don't understand exactly what an option is. Please explain, Mr. Banks." "Why, it's this way. I pay something down, say about three thousand, and you agree to let the sale rest for well, say six months, while I prospect the ground and see how it is likely to pan out.

She will be delighted to meet you again, I'm sure." "One of my friends?" I questioned incredulously, yet instantly thinking of Edith Brennan. "A young woman?" "Sure; at least she has confessed enough to me regarding that night's work to make me strongly suspicion that Captain Wayne, of the Confederate Army, and Colonel Curran, late of Major-General Halleck's staff, are one and the same person.

"Seventy pistols is a good many," said Mr. Swiper, incredulously. "Sure it is," said Pee-wee excitedly; "it's more than Jesse James had. I guess they belong to a big band of thieves, hey? Maybe they've got a a a haunt on the other side of that lake, hay? Now you can see it's good to go to the movies, hey? Because we could never circum foil them if I hadn't, hey?

Charles heard them out, but incredulously: suspecting treachery, he dryly replied that he had too much confidence in his cousin's loyalty to believe such a black calumny. Lello insisted, begging him in the name of his dearest friends to listen; but the duke was impatient, and harshly ordered him to depart.

After circling incredulously about this tableau, Morris dashed off to report to his colleagues. He found Patrick and Nathan in the midst of an exciting game of craps, but his pattering feet warned them of danger, so they pocketed their dice and turned to hear his news. "Say," he panted; "I seen Teacher mit a man." "No!" said Patrick, aghast. "It's a lie!" cried Nathan; "it's a lie!"

The village was in wild confusion. "Am I dreaming?" Jack asked himself incredulously, "or is the village being attacked?" For answer came another shell that ripped its way clean through the frame building in which he was housed, bursting with a roar that brought the flimsy structure crashing down upon the head of the imprisoned boy.

To him he unmasked, and said boldly that at last he was really in love; and being gently discouraged in what seemed his folly, and incredulously laughed at, he grew angry, and gave such proofs of his sincerity that Pennellini was convinced, and owned to himself, "This madman is actually enamored, enamored, like a cat! Patience! What will ever those Cenarotti say?"

William was hotly emphatic, "If you don't do something with her it 'll all be ruined before Miss Pr before they even get here!" Mrs. Baxter laughed. "Set the pan down, Willie." "Set it DOWN?" he echoed, incredulously "With that child in the room and grabbing like " "There!" Mrs.

"Sigurd is my son!" said Ulrika, with a sort of solemn resignation, then, with a sudden gesture, she threw her hands above her head, crying, "My son, my son! The child I thought I had killed! The Lord be praised I did not murder him!" Lovisa Elsland seemed stupefied with surprise. "Is this the truth?" she asked at last, slowly and incredulously. "The truth, the truth!" cried Ulrika passionately.

Jim looked incredulously towards his left arm, which hung no longer helplessly by his side. He swung it backwards and forwards, and a broad grin slowly lit up his lean, brown face. He thrust the gun in his holster and held out his hand. "Cookie, you're all right!" he exclaimed. "You've done the trick this time. Say, you're a miracle!" The cook smiled.

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