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Grace raised her gray eyes to meet the inquiring brown ones bent on her. "I'm so sorry," she said sadly, "but the girl who took my theme does live in Wayne Hall." "How do you know?" asked Mabel quickly. "From what you said," returned Grace. "If she accused me of taking her theme from her room, isn't it highly probable that her room is in Wayne Hall?

"Enough to get us across the border. We can take cover there, make some other arrangements. Benito’s patrón would not welcome us with empty pockets. Hurry, Sergeant!" "I only got two hands, suh." Wayne had freed the body of the Mexican but was having trouble dragging it into the appointed hiding place. "You help him, Shannon. We have no time to waste." "What about him?"

Wayne is my friend just as much as yours. He's my responsibility so long as you take it in that light. I've been thinking of him a lot lately and I see how, in my house could put him up ideally." Still pressing her handkerchief against her lips with her right hand, she put out her left in a gesture of deprecation. He understood it as one of encouragement, and went on.

Miss Sheldon and Miss Wilder know. They are personal friends of Father's." "If I had only known when first you came to Wayne Hall," was Kathleen's regretful cry. "But I didn't wish you to know," returned Patience. "I wished you to like me for myself, and you wouldn't.

Five minutes later the two young women were on their way across the campus. As they neared Wayne Hall a limousine passed containing Miss Hilton, Althea Parker and a freshman friend of Evelyn's. Althea was driving. She bowed curtly to Grace and Emma as her car whizzed by them. "They are going for Evelyn, I suppose," commented Emma. "Yes.

"I had a nice long chat with the Great Unknown, who was sitting beside you, when the ladies left the dining-room. Who do you think he is?" After the shocks of the last two hours, she was prepared to hear Wayne tell her, in an offhand way, that it was Norrie Ford. Nevertheless, she summoned what was left of her stunned faculties and did her best to speak carefully. "I heard them call him Mr.

But the world, Auberon, the real world, is not run on these hobbies. It goes on great brutal wheels of facts wheels on which you are the butterfly; and Wayne is the fly on the wheel." Auberon's eyes looked frankly at the other's. "Thank you, James; what you say is true.

"Why it must be something very horrible indeed, that you must approach with all this flaunting of diplomacy." "It is something a long way from horrible, I assure you," she replied with dignity. "Ann will be down for dinner to-night, Wayne." He leaned back and devoted himself to his cigarette with maddening deliberation. Then he smiled. "Through sleeping?" "Wayne I'm in earnest.

Buck flushed and said testily "I mean it must it ought to. As I say, we've done our best to be generous; I defy any one to deny it. As it is, Mr. Wayne, I don't want to say a word that's uncivil. I hope it's not uncivil to say that you can be, and ought to be, in gaol. It is criminal to stop public works for a whim.

Before Wayne could carry out his unmistakable intention of saying more, Katie was airily off into a story about the cook, dragging it in with a thin hook about the late dinner, and the cook in the present case suggested a former cook in Washington whom Katie held, and sought to prove, nature had ordained for a great humorist.

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