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The Postal Censor, I knew, keen though he always is after letters from neutral countries, would leave old Herbert's correspondence alone. The first letter was brief. "Dear Herbert," I wrote, "would you mind looking after the enclosed until you hear from me again? Filthy weather here. Yours, D.O." This letter was destined to contain the cloak-room receipt.

The tedious routine of the life-school, the hours spent in acquiring knowledge for which you had no immediate use, are past. The wisdom that must come with time and experience is yours.

Yours sincerely, John Clare. The reply to this note was an invitation to come to London at once, and consult Dr. Darling, who would be glad to see his old friend and patient. But the advice was easier than its execution.

"We beg that you will send us a telegram, informing us by what, train you are travelling, and we will send a messenger to Derby, who will confer with you as to the best means of reaching the rooms which we are providing for you. "Anticipating your visit, "I am, "Faithfully yours, "Secretary Manchester Labour Party."

Satan said: "Take good care of the tree, for its health and yours are bound together. It will never bear again, but if you tend it well it will live long. Water its roots once in each hour every night and do it yourself; it must not be done by proxy, and to do it in daylight will not answer. If you fail only once in any night, the tree will die, and you likewise.

But if I could see no other explanation than yours, I would not, could not accept it for God's sake I would not." "How can you say you believe in Christ, when you do not believe in the atonement!" "It is not so, mother. I do not believe what you mean by the atonement; what God means by it, I desire to accept.

The old man looked up at her. "It is hardest for you, my dear. And I have helped to make it hard." He reached out his hand to her. She took it. "He is my son and I love him " "And I love you, Claudia." "May I get the blue room ready?" The blue room was the bridal chamber at Huntersfield; kept rather sacredly at other times for formal purposes. "Do as you please. The house is yours, my dear."

Suddenly, with a quick, impulsive movement, he raised his head to glance at me. "She loved you," he said; and though there was neither jealousy nor anger in his voice, somehow I could not meet his gaze. "She loved you," he repeated in a tone half of wonder. "And you you " I answered his eyes. "She was yours," I said, with a touch of bitterness that persuaded him of the truth.

CRAVEN HOTEL, October, 1831. "Well, and are you not rejoiced?" said Lucretia, gazing surprised on Varney's sullen and unsympathizing face. "No! because time presses; because, even while discovering your son, you may fail in securing his heritage; because, in the midst of your triumph, I see Newgate opening to myself. Look you, I too have had my news, less pleasing than yours.

"It's so hard, though, Floyd, so awfully hard, and the days have been so long! Floyd, do you ever wonder and wonder where they are?" The man shook his shoulders sharply. "Do I ever wonder, Fledra? My hair is whitened, my life shortened, and many of my efforts of no avail, because of my sorrow and yours.