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His features set, as it were, in the wig, stand out in sharp relief they are of a keenly intellectual cast, and have something of the precise clearness of an antique cameo. The expression is that of a mind in continuous exercise of a mind accustomed not to slow but to quick deliberation, and to instant decision.

Shif'less Sol regarded him critically, and then spoke gravely and with deliberation: "It ain't that, Mr. Heemskerk, an' Paul ain't told quite all the truth, either.

Sometimes the shark would remain down forever, enmeshed in a skein of soft snakes absorbing it with gluttonous deliberation; at other times it would come to the surface with its skin bristling with black tumors, open mouths and slashes big as plates, but with its stomach full of gelatinous meat.

Williams having replied, "Take your post, sir," to the adjutant's stately salute in presenting the statuesque line. Whereupon the adjutant "recovered" sword, strode briskly up, passed beyond the plumed commander, and took his station to his left and rear. With much deliberation of manner, Mr.

He stared at her for an instant, then rose with care and deliberation to his feet. He had altogether forgotten his companions; he did not even see them. "That is, if it'll lock," he added, and held out his hand to Miss Gregory. "Good-bye," she said, taking it heartily. "I'm glad to hear of your good fortune."

"He never never cared for it dear, dear colonel," sobbed Yerba, passionately: "it was all my fault he thought only of me you wrong him!" "I think otherwise," said the colonel, with grim and relentless deliberation. "I have a vivid impression sir of an interview I had with you at the St. Charles where you said" He was silent for a moment, and then in a quite different voice called faintly

The Court, after due deliberation, declared the prisoner guilty on all the charges and specifications save two unimportant ones, and sentenced him to be hanged by the neck until dead, at such time and place as the President of the United States should direct.

Ascertaining this to be the result of that deliberation, Indra's queen, for attaining her end, went bashfully to Nahusha of awful mien. The vicious Nahusha also, rendered senseless by lust, saw how youthful and lovely she was, and became highly pleased." "Salya said, 'Now then Nahusha, the king of the gods, looked at her and said, "O thou of sweet smiles, I am the Indra of all the three worlds.

The development of a brain or cerebrum marks one important advance. The presence of this organ renders possible to the animal in varying degree what are called representations of objects, and the faculty of making such representations appears to be a condition precedent to the development of deliberation, volition, and purposive action as opposed to reflex or instinctive activity.

At a distance of about seven or eight yards we reined up and dismounted, moving slowly and with deliberation, in order that we might frighten the animals as little as possible.