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Good by for the present, and don't forget to examine and clean your revolvers, for we may need them." At about midnight we donned our disguises, and then surveyed each other with attention. Fred had a close-cropped wig of a fiery red color, which nearly covered his forehead, and made him look like a prize-fighter after a hard battle.

When the King and his courtiers came riding back there sat the lad in rags and a gray moss wig, and he was beating his horse and shouting, "Hie! Hie! Now will you go?" Then the courtiers laughed more than ever, and one of them threw a clod at him. The next day the King again rode forth to war with all his train. There was the lad still seated on the nag in the swamp.

Not absolutely always, for she could recall some occasions on which her power had failed; but they were few and slight, and she believed them over. Mr. Darnay had kissed her hand fervently and gratefully, and had turned to Mr. Stryver, whom he warmly thanked. Mr. He still had his wig and gown on, and he said, squaring himself at his late client to that degree that he squeezed the innocent Mr.

"Heiresses are the most horrid cheats in the world," said Losely: "there is always some father, or uncle, or fusty Lord Chancellor whose consent is essential, and not to be had. Heiresses in scores have been over head and ears in love with me. Before I left Paris, I sold their locks of hair to a wig maker, three great trunksful. Honour bright.

But, stop! where are my clothes and wig?" for I was standing before them in my chamber-gown and stockings, with my nightcap on. "I have it I have it!" says a little chambermaid: "Ambrose is off in your honour's dress." "And my money my money!" says I; "where is my purse with forty-eight Frederics in it? But we have one of the villains left. Officers, seize him!"

In half an hour the shouting, yelling throng had so far been reduced to silence that Amos believed all danger of violence was over, when suddenly there sprang up, as if from the very ground beneath them, a tall man dressed in a scarlet cloak, his head covered with a white, flowing wig, and, mounting the wreck of the market stalls, he stood, a commanding figure, illumined by the rays of the moon.

The Prince, they said, had sent these things. What Prince? As Jacqueline was asking this question, a gentleman came in whose age it would have been impossible to guess, so disguised was he by his black wig, his dyed whiskers, and the soft bloom on his cheeks, all of which were entirely out of keeping with those parts of his face that he could not change. In one of his eyes was stuck a monocle.

From time to time the night birds, the usual inhabitants of the chapel, who were aroused by all these lights, would come and flit round the tapers, the flames of which rose straight and ill-defined, as if they were burning behind a veil; and what amused Garrigue very much was a certain personage with large steel spectacles, who was ever shaking his tall black wig, in which one of these birds was quite entangled, and kept itself upright by noiselessly flapping its wings....

It opened, and a stately old gentleman entered, with well-powdered wig and long queue. "Mr. Krause, my worthy colleague!" exclaimed Kretschmer, jumping up and hastening toward the old man. But Mr. Krause had no word of greeting. He sank sighing into a chair. "Do you know the news?" asked he, in a whining tone, folding his trembling hands, and looking at Kretschmer timidly, as he stood before him.

"I was crying, Brother Abe, because the man I did take for a mate once was not happy, and and neither was I. I was utterly wretched; so that I've always felt I never cared to marry again. And and Samuel's wig is always slipping down over one eye, and I simply cannot endure that trick he has of carrying his head to one side, as if he had a left-handed spell of the mumps.

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