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I doubt not but what you told her Majesty, that I was the same David Deans of whom there was a sport at the Revolution, when I noited thegither the heads of twa false prophets, these ungracious Graces the prelates, as they stood on the Hie Street, after being expelled from the Convention-parliament.*

And you must passe by the side of the Isle of Filbeards, and the riuer there is not past a quarter of a league broad, and you must sayle in the middest of the Chanel: and in the middest runneth the best passage either at an hie or a low water, because the sea runneth there strongly, and there are great dangers of rocks, and you had neede of good ancre and cable.

Direct me to Miss Fielding, I beseech you. I have called on her already, but in vain, and there is no time to be lost." "Why are you so precipitate? What would you do?" "Take her away from that house instantly bring her hither place her under your protection give her Mrs. Wentworth for a counsellor a friend a mother. Shall I do this? Shall I hie thither to-day, this very hour now?

"Now hie thee to bed, lad, hie thee to bed," said Master Brocktrop, "and forget, if thou canst, that thou hast been awakened out of thy sleep; and if thou art cross-questioned at any time, thou wilt remember that which has passed to-night is but an idle dream not to be spoken of." Ernst went back to his room, which he shared with the young Richard Gresham, and was soon again fast asleep.

The Perpendicular tower replaces an older erection on the south side, of which the base alone remains. A flat gravestone in the churchyard has the following curious inscription: Starre on Hie Where should a Starre be But on Hie? Tho underneath He now doth lie Sleepinge in Dust Yet shall he rise More glorious than The Starres in skies

"True! true!" responded the raving wife, mingling her blood with her tears, "my own poor hapless Karhownoo is thrice happy in Paradise!" And anew she wailed, and lacerated her cheeks. "Rave not, I say." But she only raved the more. And now the good stranger departed; saying, he must hie to a wedding, waiting his presence in an arbor adjoining.

Surely it is worth one's while to hie early to the haunts of the birds to hear such a tumult of song. One spring I made up my mind to make a closer study than ever of the dainty creeping warbler, wishing to know just how he contrives to scuttle up and down the boles and branches of the trees with so much ease and grace.

"Humph! that is a distinction, no doubt, but the soft and gentle qualities in women commend themselves more to me than those which ought chiefly to characterise man. However, be this as it may, if Cormac does not return soon after daybreak to-morrow, I will hie me to the camp to see how it fares with him."

Happier my lot, who will straightway hie me to my familiar room and toast myself comfortably before the fire, musing and fitfully dozing and fancying a strangeness in such sights as all may see. But first let me gaze at this solitary figure who comes hitherward with a tin lantern which throws the circular pattern of its punched holes on the ground about him.

Some mourners load the air with lamentations; but the loudest notes are struck from hollows. Their tears flow fast: but the deep spring only wells. At last I turned to Media, saying I must hie from Odo, and rove throughout all Mardi; for Yillah might yet be found. But hereafter, in words, little more of the maiden, till perchance her fate be learned.