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"You will keep them till Sunday week and sell their bones." Enter 4th Merchant. 4th Mer. "Are your fish sold? I'll give sixteen shillings." Christie. "I'm seeking twenty-five, an' I'm offered eighteen." 4th Mer. Christie. "They hae putten their heads thegither." Here Flucker came up to her, and told her there was a Leith merchant looking for her.

I kept my senses thegither, whilk has been thought wonderful by all that ever saw the place; and I helped myself with my hands as gallantly as I could, and to the bottom I came. There I lay for half a moment; but the thoughts of a gallows is worth all the salts and scent-bottles in the world for bringing a man to himself. Up I sprang, like a four-year-auld colt.

But my auld een's drawing thegither dinna hurry yoursell, my bonny man, tak mind about the putting out the candle, and there's a horn of ale, and a glass of clow-gillie-flower water; I dinna gie ilka body that; I keep it for a pain I hae whiles in my ain stamach, and it's better for your young blood than brandy. Sae, gude-night to ye, Mr Henry, and see that ye tak gude care o' the candle."

"He's lyin' gey bad, Mysie, an' when I cam' awa' this mornin', I didna like the look o' him at a'. He was kind o' wanderin' in his mind, an' speakin' to you an' John, jist as he used to speak when we were a' bairns thegither. He was liltin' some o' thae auld sangs he used to sing to us. But dinna greet, Mysie, you'll mak' yoursel' waur.

"Stay at hame, Will, and we'll live and dee thegither." "No," replied Will; "but, like the genteel lover I have read of, I will swear on your Bible that I will return to you within the year, and marry you at the Tron Kirk, and throw my guineas into the lap of your marriage-gown, and live with you until I die."

"Say again," he burst forth, "that I was speaking agin the minister and I'll practise on you what I'm awid to do to her." "Who is she?" "Wha's wha?" "The woman whom the minister " "I said nothing about a woman," said poor Rob, alarmed for Gavin. "Doctor, I'm ready to swear afore a bailie that I never saw them thegither at the Kaims." "The Kaims!" exclaimed the doctor suddenly enlightened.

'Deil hae me, if they arena a' mad thegither! said Dinmont, occupying with less ceremony a seat at the bottom of the table; 'or else they hae taen Yule before it comes, and are gaun a- guisarding. A large glass of claret was offered to Mannering, who drank it to the health of the reigning prince.

At sight of Teen, Liz Hepburn betrayed more emotion than in meeting with her brother. 'Eh, I've fund ye at last! I said I was bound to find ye if ye were in Glesca, Teen cried, and her plain face was glorified with the joy of the meeting. 'Oh, Liz, what it's been to me no' kennin' whaur ye were! But, I say, hoo do you twa happen to be thegither?

At that Scaurdale leant over his saddle. "Ye'll never be in want if ye knock at my door, so long as the mortar holds the stanes thegither." "Good night to you, Sir Churchman; I'm in nae swither whether I would change places wi' ye the night, but weemen are daft craturs, poor things, and I've had my day."

At the pig-sty, where we liked to have more than one topic, we had frequently to tempt Tammas away from Burns. "Your scheme," I interposed, "is for living geniuses, of course?" "Ay," he said, thoughtfully, "them 'at's gone canna be brocht back. Weel, my idea is 'at a Home should be built for geniuses at the public expense, whaur they could all live thegither, an be decently looked after.

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