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Good-night again good-night." Smiling into his eyes, she ignored the hand he held out to her and slipped away into the semi-darkness as the impatient clerk began turning out the lights. Derek Pruyn was guilty of an injustice to the Marquis de Bienville in supposing he would make the incident at Lakefield a topic of conversation among his friends.

This is understood by your sister, who has already remonstrated with you in my presence; it is understood by your brother; it is understood by ha hum by every one of delicacy and sensitiveness except yourself ha I am sorry to say, except yourself. You, Amy hum you alone and only you constantly revive the topic, though not in words. She laid her hand on his arm. She did nothing more.

The southern expeditions became a common topic of speculation among the colonists of Panama. But the region of gold, as it lay behind the mighty curtain of the Cordilleras, was still veiled in obscurity.

Whatever the topic is started, while the rest of the company are hesitating as to the propriety of their determination, she alone is never at a loss. Her answer always follows the proposition, without a moment's interval for examination herself, or for allowing any other person a chance of delivering an opinion. Mr.

Carling may have helped; he had it from Fenellan; and he was among the principal groups, claiming or making acquaintances, as a lawyer should do. The Concert was complimentarily a topic: Durandarte divine! did not everybody think so? Everybody did, in default of a term for overtopping it. Our language is poor at hyperbole; our voices are stronger.

But of her meeting with Patches, Kitty said little; only that she had met him as she was coming home. All during the evening meal, too, Patches was the principal topic of the conversation, though Mr. Reid, who had arrived home just in time for supper, said little.

I shall speak of the general problem of war and peace in human evolution. I shall have to resign myself to yet further sacrifices. Ignoring the chapters which discuss this topic from a historical and from a literary point of view, I shall confine myself to the biological studies, for it is in these that the author's individuality finds its most original self-expression.

It was left incomplete, but his discourses on the Revolution, the topic he had thought about all his life, were edited by his family. These tales of a grandfather are not properly his work, and, like the kindred and coequal lectures of Niebuhr, give approximately the views of a man so great that it is a grief not to possess them in authentic form.

Bowen was sitting beside Colville on the sofa. "Isn't there to be any Effie, to-night?" he asked. "No. She has been up too much of late. And I wished to speak with you about Imogene." "Yes," said Colville, not very eagerly. At that moment he could have chosen another topic. "It is time that her mother should have got my letter. In less than a fortnight we ought to have an answer."

It was that same colonel who, earlier in the evening, had thus ended a discussion on the unemployed. "The poor ye have always with you," said the Colonel, delicately smacking his lips over his champagne and gently turning the conversation to the safer topic of high explosives. He turned impatiently from thought of it to the men and women far down below.