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"It is an eighth of a mile from here," declared Ruth. "And not down by the beach, either. What do you mean, Jed?" Jed was standing by the front window, peeping out. "Um-hm," he said, musingly, "they're still there, the whole lot of 'em, waitin' for you to come out, Major. . . . Hum . . . dear, dear!

He felt that the whole group was watching hum, and he knew that if he looked back and caught another glimpse of Fred De Garmo's sneering face he would feel compelled to strike it a blow. There would be no plausible explanation, of course, and Kent was not by nature a trouble hunter; and so he chose to ride away without his dinner.

But there's a little mite of truth here and there amongst the lies, I presume likely. For instance, you and this Fosdick girl have been er keepin' company?" "Her name is Madeline and we are engaged to be married." "Oh! Hum I see I see. And, bein' as the old lady her mother, Mrs.

"One day in early June I was lyin' under the big apple tree in the garden sure I was. It was all white and sweet with the blossoms like a bride in her veil an' I heard the hum o' the bee's wing an' odors o' the upper world come down to me. I was lookin' at the little bird house that we had hung in the tree-top.

And as he laboured he pictured to himself the building of a nest in the unbroken forest behind the homestead, wherein the girl of his choice figured as the central charm. The daughter who toiled through the long summer's day to the monotonous hum of the spinning wheel, drawing out and twisting the threads that should enter into the make-up of her wedding outfit, was contented and happy.

The silence was profound, for the people of the settlement sympathised so deeply with their beloved pastor's grief that even the ordinary hum of life appeared to be hushed, except now and then when a low wail would break out and float away on the night wind. These sounds of woe were full of meaning.

She did not answer; I fished out my watch, regarding it in silence, listening to the hum of the approaching train, which ought presently to bear her away into the North, where nothing could menace her except the brilliant pitfalls of a Christian civilization.

In the hum to which all sounds had sunk, I heard Sinclair's voice rise again in the question with which my own mind was full. "When was that? After Mr. Armstrong went into the room, or before?" "Oh, after he fell asleep. I had just come from putting out the gas when I saw Miss Camerden slip in and almost immediately come out again. I will search for the pin very carefully, sir." So Mr.

He was almost at the landing before Keith recognized him or the other glanced up. "Ah seen her, I suppose?" "Yes," returned Keith, not thinking it worth while to mention the lady's denial of having sent for him, "I have just come from there." "Hum thought you'd be through by this time fine looking girl, ain't she? believe I'll run in and chat with her myself."

For a log house it was quite a large building, and stood in the center of a small clearing which had been made to furnish logs for its erection. Faint gleams of light came through the badly-chinked walls, and the hum of voices showed that there was a large crowd gathered inside. "There's likely to be from 100 to 150 in there," said the Lieutenant, after a moment's consideration.