To think of you troubling yourself and putting yourself out, and all for our little Hetty." "That is my affair," said Mrs. Rushton laughing; "I don't think a mite like that will disturb my household very much. Just you pack her up, and I will carry her off with me to-morrow at three."

I live 'bout half a mile beyond the brick house myself." Rebecca's hand stirred nervously in her lap and she moved in her seat. "I didn't think I was going to be afraid," she said almost under her breath; "but I guess I am, just a little mite when you say it's coming so near." "Would you go back?" asked Mr. Cobb curiously.

You are a sly fellow, and a daring one; but it will not help you a mite to sit there and talk about your happy home in Harbor Grace to me." "The skipper!" exclaimed Dick Lynch, in genuine anger and dismay. "Saints presarve ye, I'd as soon be took for the divil himself as for Black Dennis Nolan o' Chance Along.

John wanted to let them know the truth but I said, 'No, John; after all she was your mother, and we'll keep the secret between us, and not cast any shadow on her memory. I don't mind what people say, now that I know the truth myself. It don't matter a mite. Let it all be buried with the dead' says I to him. So I coaxed him round to agree with me."

He added he was glad to see his visitor, a statement more polite than truthful. "Well, what's up?" he inquired, condescendingly. "Nothing wrong with Caro or Steve, I hope." "No, they're fust-rate, thank you." "What's doing, then? Is it pleasure or business?" "Well, a little of both, maybe. It's always a pleasure to see you, of course; and I have got a little mite of business on hand."

In very few minutes he was above them, leading the chase, all three pressing after him, and spreading out fan-wise slightly to ensure catching him if he again tried the maneuver that had extricated him from the former trap. For a few moments Jimmy felt a mite nervous as to how things were coming out.

"I don't know that we ought to trouble Mr. Winslow," she said. "He is busy, you know." Jed protested. "It won't be a mite of trouble," he declared. "Besides, it ain't healthy to work too long at a stretch. That is," he drawled, "folks say 'tain't, so I never take the risk." Mrs. Armstrong smiled and followed him out into the yard, where Miss Barbara had already preceded them.

"Laws, Fanny, I ken think of them ere things myself. All the help I want is a leetle mite from you about the spellin. "Wycoff now appeared looking very grave and reported Hank, "stone dead." Spring opened slowly.

My daughter Louisa, I am convinced, will never forget what she owes to her teacher She and my youngest child used to be Miss Hood's pupils perhaps you have heard? My own Emily she is dead was passionately fond of her namesake; she talked of her among the last words she ever spoke, poor little mite. 'Miss Redwing tells me you saw her yesterday, Wilfrid said. 'Yes, for the first time.

"Oh, how I wish he'd stop moonshinin' an' sech!" She moved so suddenly on the edge of the precipice, as she lifted her hands and drew down her sunbonnet over her face, that Ben's glance was full of terror. "Move back a mite, Nar'sa; ye'll go over the bluff, fust thing ye know! Yes, Con's mighty wrong ter be moonshinin'. The law is the right thing. It purtects us. It holps us all.