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For to-night, if I stay well, I feel that I shall not be santo." Artois burst into his big roaring laugh. "And why do you want to be santo to-night?" he asked. "The beautiful girl! I wish to keep her memory, if only for one night." "Very well, then. We will fish, and you shall be a saint." "Caro Emilio! Perhaps Viviano will come, too. But I think he will be with Lidia.

The boxes were in a ferment like the stir of swarming bees. One man alone remained passive in the turmoil. Emilio Memmi, with his back to the stage and his eyes fixed on Massimilla with a melancholy expression, seemed to live in her gaze; he had not once looked round at the prima donna. "I need not ask you, caro carino, what was the result of my negotiation," said Vendramin to Emilio.

Pierston went home, and after dark, when it was about the hour for accompanying her back, he went along the middle road northward to the Street of Wells. He was full of misgiving. He had known Avice Caro so well of old that his feeling for her now was rather comradeship than love; and what he had said to her in a moment of impulse that morning rather appalled him in its consequences.

"Go to my sister," he faltered out to Fletcher; "tell her go to Lady Byron you will see her, and say" nothing more could be heard but broken ejaculations: "Augusta Ada my sister, my child. Io lascio qualche cosa di caro nel mondo. For the rest, I am content to die." Never perhaps was there such a national lamentation.

In the next place, I don't want to have light talk about a person whom I have had so large a share in bringing to the city. These are things you ought to learn to think of, caro mio!" replied the Marchese, a little annoyed at having to put his feelings on the subject into such plain words. "I'll take care that things shall be as you wish. When is she to arrive?" asked Ludovico.

Think of it. Suppose this uncle of ours had accepted. Suppose he had come to town here and any of our friends had met him. 'This is our guardian, Captain Warren, of Punkin Centre. 'Please to meet ye, says Uncle 'Lish. 'How's taters? Horrors! Say, Caro, you haven't told anyone, Malcolm or his mother, or anyone, have you?" "Of course not, Steve. You know I wouldn't." "Well, don't.

"Diavalo!" cried the amazed physician, "you dictate a prescription! why, I am the prince's physician, and not you!" "And I, Caro," said Salvator, "am a painter, and not you. I leave it to the prince whether I could not prove myself a better physician than you a painter; and write a better prescription than you paint a picture."

"Even if we have, as you say, secured the wrong messenger, all our trouble will not have been useless. You may have observed, caro mio, that this is a flag- officer, and he will be certain to have knowledge of a great many of Rebolledo Williams's plans. Very well; when he recovers we will take measures to induce him ha! ha! to tell us all he knows.

"Has your master arrived long, 'caro amico'?" "Eh, cara, cayo! leave me in peace. We had both been freezing for an hour when you came. I should have had time to smoke three Turkish pipes. Attend to your business, and go and look to the other doors of the church, and see that no suspicious person is prowling about. Since there are but two vedettes, they must beat about well."

Her momentary alarm was now a mile behind her. But would they be alone? Though, after all, what did it matter? Yet in Harlem there was a broken old man who would not like it. And the basilica investments! If she had known she would have worn the black rag. But they would do for that tiresome Mrs. Beamish. As yet she had not decided what she would sing. The Caro nome occurred to her.