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Is there any unlikelihood that the girl may have had such a thing about her; Amico mio Pietro," said the lawyer, in conclusion, tapping his fingers on the Commissary's coat-sleeve as he spoke, "that Venetian girl is the murderess! The deed was done under the influence of maddening jealousy." "How on earth could that old woman come to you with a budget of such damning facts against her friend?

"I tell you the Piazza, the Mercato, down one or two streets to see the illuminations. What's the matter, caro mio? Are you angry because we lost you in the crowd?" "You intended to lose us in the crowd before we left the hotel to-night." "Not at all, amico mio. Not at all." His voice hardened again, the furrows appeared on his forehead. "Now you are lying," said Artois.

But the greatest change of all lay in this that there was no smile upon his lips, no pleasure in his eyes, when he saw Brian draw near his bed. "Dino!" said Brian, holding out his hand. "How did you come here, amico mio?" And then he noticed the absence of any welcoming word or gesture on Dino's part.

Henry Wimbush was forced to sell some of his Primitives a Taddeo da Poggibonsi, an Amico di Taddeo, and four or five nameless Sienese to the Americans. There was a crisis. For the first time in his life Henry asserted himself, and with good effect, it seemed. Priscilla's gay and gadding existence had come to an abrupt end.

He turned a dazed and wondering look on the man whose friendly grasp supported him, then, with an exclamation, made a trembling attempt to raise his hat. "Il Re!" he murmured feebly "Il Re!" King Humbert for it was he held him still more closely. "Courage, amico!" he said kindly "Courage! yes yes! I know I have heard the news! All Italy will give you vengeance for your child!

Ah! poor amico, how circumspect and repentant he had shown himself since that fit of brutal insanity! At first, to conceal his embarrassment, he had gone to spend three days at Naples, and it was said that La Tonietta, the sentimental demi-mondaine, had hastened to join him there, wildly in love with him.

No sooner is a person converted to Popery, than his principal thought is how he can bring the hands and feet of his brethren, however harmless they may be, and different from the giants, to the "holy priests," who, if he manages to do so, never fail to praise him, saying to the miserable wretch, as the abbot said to Morgante: "Tu sarai or perfetto e vero amico A Cristo, quanto tu gli eri nemico."

Then the former simply ejaculated, with a strong respiration "Jacopo!" His companion raised three of his fingers, with an occult meaning, towards the palace of the doges. "Do they let him take the air, even in San Marco?" he asked, in unfeigned surprise. "It is not easy, caro amico, to make water run up stream, or to stop the downward current.

Omne vafer vitium ridenti tangit amico? Who sportingly never leaveth, until he make a man laugh at folly, and at length ashamed, to laugh at himself: which he cannot avoid, without avoiding the folly. Who while Circum pracordia ludit, giveth us to feel, how many headaches a passionate life bringeth us to. How when all is done,

"Has your master arrived long, 'caro amico'?" "Eh, cara, cayo! leave me in peace. We had both been freezing for an hour when you came. I should have had time to smoke three Turkish pipes. Attend to your business, and go and look to the other doors of the church, and see that no suspicious person is prowling about. Since there are but two vedettes, they must beat about well."

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