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The groups separated, and a line was formed, the colonel placing himself in the first rank. His Majesty commenced his tour of the room, welcoming the president of each delegation with a few flattering words.

The home-coming of the cows at eventime has been sung about, written about, talked about, painted, and always it has had in it the restfulness of evening, the drowsy whirr of insects' wings, the benediction of the sunset, the welcoming gladness of a happy family.

But we have Christ's life, 'God manifest': not words about God, but the manifestation of the very divine nature itself in action. 'Merciful': and we see Jesus going about 'doing good. 'Gracious, and we see Him welcoming to Himself all the weary, and ever bestowing of the treasures of His love.

Of those who came were Aine Ni Rogail of Cnoc Aine and Ivil of Craglea, the queens of North and South Munster, and Una the queen of Ormond; these, with their hosts, sang upon the summit of the hill welcoming the god.

She spoke a little shyly as the car came to a standstill at the foot of the steps leading to the big door. "This is your house?" "Yes, this is Greenriver." He helped her out of the car. "And here is my old friend Mrs. Blades coming to meet us." An elderly, rather prim-looking woman came forward as Owen advanced, and in her eyes shone a welcoming light. "Come in, sir.

They swam over to where Sprawley stood, and climbing out on the ice they seemed to be welcoming him, hopping and sliding about, and pulling at his hair and claws. Now that Teddy saw them quite close they were uglier than ever, with goggle eyes, and rough, fishy-looking skins.

She laughed as she stroked his tawny head and the purr increased rapidly in speed and volume. "Don't let him burst himself," cautioned Rose, welcoming the change of mood. "I never knew a cat to purr so well, so thoroughly, did you?" "He's lost his hold of the brake," Madame answered. "Are you going to wait until Isabel comes home?" "Of course not." "Then let's go up and read for a little while."

The service was handled by three "colored gentlemen," as distinguished in manners as in appearance, who were known far and wide by name and who dominated all about them, including John and his patrons. No such place ever existed before, or will ever exist again. It was the personality of John Chamberlin, pervasive yet invisible, exhaling a silent, welcoming radiance.

And when he came near the wide, closed door of the barn, in front of which showed indistinctly the forms of a large and a small animal, he leaped forward with a welcoming bark that was answered by another from a dog lying in the deep shadow against the door. For there stood the blind black colt and the pinto with the bridle-reins still swinging across her neck.

And it was a fine day; a delicious day, with the horror of the Infinite veiled by the splendid tent of blue; a day innocently bright like a child with a washed face, fresh like an innocent young girl, suave in welcoming one's respects like like a Roman prelate. I love such days. They are perfection for remaining indoors.

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