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He looked then with even more interest on the pretty little creature in dark-blue velvet and swansdown, careless, unconscious, happy, as the child of a mystery and a tragedy in one. "Ah!" he said sympathetically. "Come to me, little one," again, coaxingly. Fina, with her finger in her mouth, went up to him half shyly, half boldly, and wholly prettily.

The school attendant with heavy tread walked round the room, lighting one by one the large lamps which soon shed a bright light. Schafroff opened the door leading to the passage, and said in a loud voice: "This way, please!" Shyly at first, and then in noisy haste, the people entered the lecture-room. Yourii scrutinized them closely; his keen interest as a propagandist was roused.

Brownleigh flung the reins of the pony to a young Indian who stood near and turning walked beside her, conscious the while of the frowning faces watching them from the car windows. "And I have nothing to give you," he said to her in a low tone, deeply moved at what she had done. "Will you let me have the little book?" she asked shyly.

She thought that one who could so transform her sister, touch her with awe, and give her gracefulness and humility, must be what Dahlia said he was. She asked shyly for his Christian name; but even so little Dahlia withheld. It was his wish that Dahlia should keep silence concerning him. "Have you sworn an oath?" said Rhoda, wonderingly.

But she could not pull it from under her arms, and she could think of nothing better than to crouch down quickly so that she looked like a hen, while the hammock swayed to and fro. Perhaps she might have had the intention to impress him a little with her elegance and freshly-acquired social education, but now, as fate would have it, she did not look at him less blushingly or shyly than he at her.

"Any light social distraction a harmless flirtation a possible attachment," suggested Dona Carmen shyly. "Change of scene active exercise experiences even as those you have related," broke in Don Vincente. "I for one have ever been opposed to LEGAL measures," said Don Victor. "A mere consultation of friends in fact, a fete like this is sufficient."

"Good boy, good boy, Stockings; keep it up," just as though she had been putting him to his utmost. There was open fareway straight ahead and little to fear so long as the horse kept in the road and met no other rig. In a quarter of a mile he began to slacken his pace. "Will you take the lines now?" the girl asked shyly.

She was shyly aware of a lapse into unhabitual emotion and of some closer approach to the maternal relation fostered by his growing resemblance to James Penhallow. "So," laughed his uncle as John entered the library, "you have burned down the school and are on a holiday you and Rivers." John grinned. "Yes, sir." "Sit down. We are discussing that fire. You were the first to see it, John.

He was obsessed with the thought that you had all life to face " "How dreadfully sorry you must have felt for him," whispered Jerry, shyly, trying to make it all seem true. "I felt sorry for him, child, not that he had been so disappointed but because he had not the strength to rally from it. I don't believe God made him that way; I think he sacrificed too much of himself to his genius.

Her twin brothers, Gordon and Willis, shyly consuming oatmeal, listened respectfully and waited on their sister at the slightest lifting of her thinly arched eyebrows. Into this company sauntered Siward, apparently no worse for wear. For as yet the Enemy had set upon him no proprietary insignia save a rather becoming pallor and faint bluish shadows under the eyes.

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