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The parcel thus being secreted, Cornelius de Witt got up, pressed the hand of his godson, and turned towards the door, Van Baerle seizing the candlestick, and lighting him on his way down to the street, which was still crowded with people who wished to see their great fellow citizen getting into his coach. Boxtel had not been mistaken in his supposition.

My companion was entering into the spirit of it in a most alarming way; he was half chanting, his voice rising, his face lighting up. "'Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war. And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground." "Be careful!" I whispered. "People will hear you!" "But why should they not?" He turned on me a look of surprise.

Presently, one of the shepherds raised his head and saw the bird flying near the ground and lighting now and then; so he followed him, and the crow gave not over flying just out of the dogs' reach and tempting them to pursue and snap at him: but as soon as they came near him, he would fly up a little; and so he brought them to the tree.

"Do you mean that Sunkhaze has kept the Swamp Swogon affair and my kidnapping quiet?" demanded Parker, his face lighting up. He had been fearing what might have gone out to the world about the affair. "A good many was all of a to-do to telegraft it to the sheriff and to your bosses," said the postmaster calmly. "But it seemed better to me to wait a while.

"Yes, that solitary confinement is terrible for the young," said the aunt, shaking her head and also lighting a cigarette. "I should say for every one," Nekhludoff replied. "No, not for all," answered the aunt. "For the real revolutionists, I have been told, it is rest and quiet.

These grimy fellows stood upon the altar steps, two at a side, lighting the book the parson opened, his voice resounding through the silent place with startling loudness. Behind the bridal pair huddled the women. "Dearly Beloved, we are met together " and so to the close. But his voice was muffled beside the clear ring of James Hamilton's. His "I will" fell like a sword on the air.

He thought at first of declaring to them that the Great Spirit was pleased with the expedition, and was lighting the band on its way with spirit lamps; or that the meteors were the spirits of departed braves, coming to assist their worldly brothers in another impending fight; but he was not sanguine enough of possible results to indulge in any attractive oratory.

Finally, after breakfast, which consisted of eggs and toast, Ben Haley having ransacked the premises for eggs, which the old man intended for the market, Paul said, "Benjamin, you must not be offended, but I have lived alone for years, and I cannot invite you to stay longer." "Where shall I go, uncle?" demanded Ben, taking out his pipe coolly, and lighting it. "There's a tavern in the village."

He knew more girls by their first names than a drummer." Colonel Morrison chuckled and crossed his fat legs at the ankles as he continued, after lighting the cigar we gave him: "Well, along in the late seventies we fellows that he started out with got to owning our own homes and getting on in the world.

The man was tall and big-boned, a ring of dark hair surrounded his priest's tonsure; his nose was big but clear cut and with wide nostrils; his shaven face showed a longish upper lip and a big but blunt chin; his mouth was big and the lips closed firmly; a face not very noteworthy but for his grey eyes well opened and wide apart, at whiles lighting up his whole face with a kindly smile, at whiles set and stern, at whiles resting in that look as if they were gazing at something a long way off, which is the wont of the eyes of the poet or enthusiast.