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He gave to one mother the gold piece that he had in his hand and distributed more to the others. They took them without looking at them, and continued their lament, "Bread! . . . Bread!" And he had gone to the village to make the same supplication! . . . He fled, recognizing the uselessness of his efforts.

The moon is witness my heart is held * By a moonlight brow of the brightest blee: I reckt not to see me by Love ensnared * Till ensnared before I could reck or see." Then the voice ceased and not knowing whence it came to me I abode perplexed; but lo! it again took up its lament and recited, "Came Rayya's phantom to grieve thy sight * In the thickest gloom of the black-haired Night!

"What has the naughty man been doing to our darling?" they asked in a sort of playful, mincing lisp. "Has he made our dear, dear sister miserable? Naughty, naughty man!" That made a beginning. As a continuation Mrs. Kettering took it into her head once more to lament the scarcity of possible husbands for Alice and Mary over the breakfast table.

Two thousand years and yet more are departed since the day when our Lord entered into Nirvana. Ended are the two glorious periods the orthodox and the representative. Lament, O ye disciples, who in this closing age would follow after the Lord. The teachings of our Lord have entered into the Dragon Palace, for in this closing age they are too high for men.

"His refusal," writes Francis Baylies, "to betray the Wampanoags who had sought his protection is another evidence of his lofty and generous spirit, and his whole conduct after his capture was such that surely, at this period, we may be allowed to lament the unhappy fate of this noble Indian without incurring any imputation for want of patriotism."

We had with us the Princesse de Navarre, my husband's sister, since married to the Duc de Bar; there were besides a number of ladies belonging to myself. The King my husband was attended by a numerous body of lords and gentlemen, all as gallant persons as I have seen in any Court; and we had only to lament that they were Huguenots.

We have been thus particular in relating the sequel of the lives of these rival chieftains, because, from their want of connection with any kind heart of the other sex, no widows and orphans were left to lament their several ends; and furthermore, as they were both mortal, and might be expected to die at a suitable period, and yet did not terminate their career until each had attained the mature age of threescore, the reader can find no just grounds of dissatisfaction at being allowed this deep glance into the womb of fate.

I lament his undertaking such a journey at his time of life, with beginning infirmities. I hope he will not leave his bones on classic grounds. Boswell tells how 'Speaking with a tone of animation Johnson said, "We must, to be sure, see Rome, Naples, Florence, and Venice, and as much more as we can." Ante, iii. 19. When the journey was put off by the sudden death of Mr.

It was with some surprise that I read lately a lament that Dr. Holmes had not written "a great novel" a task which would have been as unsuitable to him as to Dr. Johnson or to Montaigne. It is not a question of a greater or less talent, but of a wholly different talent as distinct as metaphysics and portrait-painting. The same critic complains because Holmes has not been "in earnest" like Carlyle.

No doubt, too, that, under the present palaver of the "sensationist" caste, the old ladies of both sexes have come to regard crime as mere misfortune: these will lament this proceeding as cruel. But, for this act, if for no other, an earnest man's heart ought in these times to warm toward the great statesman. The man had a spine.